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Police Officer Charged With The Murders Of Jesse Baird And Luke Davies

Beau Lamarre, Jesse Baird, Luke Davies

Celebrity-obsessed blogger turned police officer Beau Lamarre has been charged with the murders of television presenter and ex-boyfriend Jesse Baird and his partner flight attendant Luke Davies, according to 10 News First. The news comes after Lamarre turned himself into police. This comes after a manhunt commerced for the missing couple after bloody personal belongings were found in a skip bin at Cronulla on Wednesday.

The outcome is a devastating one for those who knew Jesse Baird and Luke Davies both personally and professionally. Their families have been informed and their bodies are yet to be found.

Beau Lamarre Used His Own Weapon To Allegedly Kill Luke Davies And Jesse Baird

Due to the evidence, it will be alleged in court that Beau Lamarre used his service pistol to shoot and kill both Jesse Baird and Luke Davies. The evidence that is likely to be used is the massive amount of blood that was found on the clothing found in the skip bin and at the Paddington apartment. A shotgun carriage was also discovered. There was likely two as both men were shot, though until the bodies are found, the homicide squad cannot say for sure.

Jesse Baird had raised concerns about being stalked after his relationship, likely with Lamarre, ended poorly. Both of the deceased were greatly loved in their respective fields. Jesse had planned on going to Perth after he exited from Channel 10 in January after the cancellation of Studio 10 late last year. He had job aspects lined up.

According to the press conference (linked above), the white van seen in the CCTV footage has been located and seized by police. There was also a 000 call made, but it is currently unknown who made it. It is also alleged that Jessie and Luke were both seen alive for the last time on Sunday, and they were possibly murdered sometime on Monday, with the white van being hired on the same day. Though, they need to establish a full timeline of events. Lamarre worked alone and no one else is believed to be involved.

The (Alleged) Murder Of Jesse Baird Could Fall Into The Domestic Violence Category

It is also established that this alleged murder will fall into the domestic violence category. Beau Lamarre is Jesse Baird’s ex. The police believe that he moved the bodies using the white van. But where he put them is still being examined. They could have been dumped in the Newcastle area, if the Channel 10 news conference is correct. This is where Beau Lamarre is believed to have been before he handed himself in to the police.

There is no known motive, but that will likely come to light as more pieces are combined. As per Sunrise, there were texts sent from Jesse’s phone, but it is unknown if it was he sent them.

Beau Lamarre has been refused bail.

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