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Nightsisters, The Acolyte
Star Wars

Could We Be Getting An Early Version Of The Nightsisters In The Acolyte? Small Things We Got From The Cast Of The New Show

Did Jodie Turner-Smith hint at the possibility of the Nightsisters appearing in The Acolyte? During her interview on the Celebration live stage, she mentioned that her character is part of an all-female group. The only one we can think of is the Nightsisters, who have been a big part of Star Wars since Legends. However, …

Release Dates, Star Wars
Star Wars

Canon Star Wars Release Dates

One of our most requested topics is the Star Wars release dates. It’s come up in Google Search Console and NicheIQ on Ezoic a few times, so we thought we’d review all the canon screen media. So, we won’t be including the 2003 Clone Wars or the cheesy Holiday special from the late 70s. Oh, …