Now Is NOT The Time To Discuss A Republic, The Vigil Of The Grandchildren + MORE

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I rarely get to voice my opinion on the royals outside the Sussexes. But I felt now was the time to make a few royal-related topics I wanted to discuss before Her Majesty’s State funeral tomorrow. So, I wanted to discuss the desperate people pushing for Australia to become a republic, the Vigil of the Grandchildren, and the other form of tribute that the world has been putting on before The Queen is laid to rest.

This article will be one of the longest I’ve written on the royals, so I hope you’ll read it to the end. I will be covering the funeral tomorrow when I can. The coverage tomorrow will be on Channel Seven all day, but I won’t be watching the whole thing. So instead, I recommend tuning into Brittany of the Royal News Network’s live stream when she does it. She mentioned during the live she did earlier that she would be doing one.

Now Is Not The Time To Address Australia Becoming A Republic

republic, grandchildren, tribute
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There will be talk about the Sussexes as there isn’t enough information for a single post, which is supposed to be about remembering the Queen.

To begin, I wanted to address the Republic situation in Australia.

Anyone who follows this site will know I’m on Twitter. Since The Queen died, I’ve seen various Republic-supporting hashtags trending. Some even started when literally hours after Her Majesty’s passing had been announced. This is NOT appropriate. Even Anthony Albanese, the current Republic-leaning Australian Prime Minister, said now isn’t the time to discuss it.

I’ve even seen #NotMyKing trending, but let’s get back to the issue. Now is about paying tribute to a woman who sacrificed her entire life to serve her country and those of the Commonwealth of Nations. I’ve said I do not support Australia becoming a republic or a monarchy. I’m one of the few who believe in the “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

I would only support a republic if King Charles III interfered with Australia’s politics. While I wouldn’t say I like politics with an innate passion, I don’t believe the monarch should have any say over how my country is run. Her Majesty The Queen is so beloved because she was apolitical, not taking a side. Yes, she met with the prime minister weekly. But it was about how the UK was running, not political policy.

Also, I wanted to point out something many may not be aware of. Jamaica has said over the years that they want to become a Republic. However, they’ve never done it. Returning to Australia, a referendum was held in 1999 where the people voted AGAINST a Republic.

The Vigil Of The Grandchildren

grandchildren, tribute, republic
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Moving away from the negative Republic discussion, I wanted to address the great Vigil of the Grandchildren. Led by William, the Prince of Wales, the Queen’s eight grandchildren walked in the succession order. The Prince of Wales was followed by his brother, the Duke of Sussex, who was succeeded by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Lady Louise and Viscount Severn and Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall.

Sky News did a great job commenting on the Grandchildren’s Vigil. Initially, the tribute was not a part of the plans. However, it appears that the eight wanted to honour their grandmother.

The grandchildren are not the first family members to have done this. Their parents have held two Vigils of the Princes (and Princesses)—one in Edinburgh, Scotland and the second at Westminster Hall. The Vigil of the Grandchildren is the first tribute by a reigning monarch’s grandchildren. In 2002, the Queen Mother’s grandsons did the Vigil of Princes as she did not have sons.

Moreover, the Queen’s lying in state is the first time a daughter has been included in the Vigil of the Princes. Hence the event’s name was changed to reflect it. What I loved about this tribute was that it shows unity among the cousins despite the ongoing drama. If their parents can put on a united front, so can they.

Princesses Beatrice And Eugenie Pay Tribute To Their Grandmother And Swear Allegiance To Their Uncle

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie paid tribute to their grandmother in a joint statement that was posted to Princess Eugenie’s Instagram account.

[Credit: @princesseugenie – Instagram]

The sisters, Prince Andrew’s daughters, spoke about their fondest memory of their grandmother taking them to pick raspberries. Beatrice and Eugenie said that while they were sad to lose their Grannie, they were glad she was back in the arms of their late grandfather, Prince Philip. The last thing I expected was for the sisters to pledge their allegiance to their Uncle Charles.

Now, Beatrice, I can see being loyal to her uncle. But Eugenie, I’m wary of her because she has a fierce allegiance to Harry and Meghan. When Catherine did her carols event, I know Beatrice and her husband, Edo, were present. They were friendly toward the now-Prince and Princess of Wales. However, Eugenie was there too, and she did not look happy. I have no idea whether she was there doing recon work for Meghan and Harry. It would not surprise me if she were, but that’s beside the point.

I wasn’t expecting the sisters to put anything out. I’m glad they did; it shows their closeness to their grandmother. First, I’ll watch Eugenie in the weeks and months ahead to see if she backs Meghan and Harry up more.

The King And The Prince Of Wales Make An Unscheduled And Surprise Stop

[Credit: MARCA]

In a surprise move, as per the Express, King Charles and Prince William made an unscheduled stop to greet well-wishers as people waited to see the Queen lying in state before her funeral. This was mentioned at the end of the video I linked earlier in the article about the Vigil of the Grandchildren.

It was nice to see that even though they’re in mourning and busy men, the King and the Prince of Wales can make people’s day by showing up without warning. If I’m honest, I think doing this was Charles and William’s way of interacting with the people they’re now leading.

The people were thrilled as they were there to pay tribute to their late monarch. They never expected to see the new one out and about.

The US Media Has A Field Day With Charles’ #PenGate Outburst

grandchildren, republic, tribute
[Credit: Daily Star]

This next one boggles my mind. The new King signed documents a few days after the Queen’s passing. He was caught on camera taking his frustrations out on a leaky pen. Now, I don’t blame him for getting upset with the pen. But at least he wasn’t taking it out on a person. Anyway, I mention this because the US media is having an absolute field day with this. Who the hell do these outlets think they are? They don’t know the first thing about the monarchy. They’ve sided with the Sussexes without knowing both sides. One of the outlets reporting on #PenGate is The Cut, the same publication that wrote that suck-up Meghan article.

It has also written some horrible articles about the royals. Now, they’re catering to the American people who don’t know a single thing about the monarchy of any country. So they either make up crap or listen to people like Omid Scobie or Meghan. They don’t give two effs and follow the woke philosophies of “his or her truth.”

I took the photo.

This is my fountain pen. It’s not as glamorous as the King’s. Anyway, the US media is referring to Charles as fussy and irritable. No, he’s not. He’s been on the job for a few days and has had little sleep. His mother had just died, and he inherited her position. Get over it already.

The Prince And Princess Of Wales Visit An Army Base

[Credit: Yahoo! Life UK]

In their first solo engagement together since becoming the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Catherine visited an army base where Commonwealth servicemen and women prepared for their role in the Queen’s funeral procession.

This was nice to see as it gives William and Catherine a glimpse of what goes on with the troops outside the Commonwealth. It’s fantastic that they’re talking to Australian troops, as seen in the image.

The Drama With Archie And Lilibet’s Titles Is Continuing

[Credit: Elle Magazine]

So much for a drama-free time of mourning; Harry and Meghan are bringing up the drama of giving Archie and Lilibet having titles. It’s alleged the King will give his two youngest grandchildren the sought-after prince and princess titles. However, there is one mighty catch. They will not be given HRHs as they will not become working royals. Also, I can almost see Meghan cringing at having to rewear a dress she has worn before.

Stripping Or Issuing New Titles Isn’t A Bad Thing

Well, this has caused massive upheaval for the Sussexes. They’ve complained so much that they’ve questioned why Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have HRHs but are not working royals. Now, here’s the thing with the York sisters. Their father had to fight to allow them to keep their titles. According to Marie Claire UK, a group in the late 1990s called the Way Ahead group, which contained royal family members, spoke about the slimming down of the monarchy. In these conversations, it was suggested that the girls be stripped of their titles. Instead, they would have courtesy titles, making them Lady Beatrice and Lady Eugenie rather than Princesses. However, this was scrapped.

What King Charles proposes for Archie and Lili is similar to what King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has done with six of his eight grandchildren. However, the difference is that Archie and Lili will never have had the HRHs. The King of Sweden pulled the HRHs from his grandchildren through his two youngest children, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine. As a result, the only two grandchildren with HRHs are the children of his heir, Crown Princess Victoria.

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