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Donald Trump Found Guilty Of Hush Money Crimes In Lead Up To 2016 Election – OPINION

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Former United States President, Donald Trump, has been found guilty on all 34 charges concerning hush money that was covered during the 2016 presidential election. A jury of 7 men and 5 women found the ex-POTUS did interfere.

Donald Trump, however, is unsurprisingly unhappy with the verdict. He is claiming that the trial was rigged and that America has “gone to hell”. These are strong words for a man with an ego as large as outer space. Yes, we went there.

Also, we did not make up the “America has gone to hell” comment. It has appeared in several publications, including Yahoo! Australia. Donald Trump is proclaiming that the trial was a disgrace and that everyone involved was conflicted. Okay, sorry, but that’s you, dude. You’re the crooked one. You just don’t like losing.

Donald Trump Being Found Guilty Was Inevitable

Donald Trump doesn’t understand that when you are found guilty, and you’re in the public eye, you’re considered a criminal like everyone else. We’ve written before on this site when he was president that his late ex-wife, Ivana, said that if he doesn’t win, he throws a tantrum. In layman’s terms, he’s a sore loser.

Also, after looking at the stats in Google Trends, we found the question “Can a felon be president”? has skyrocketed in requests, as has “When will Donald Trump be sentenced?”

It is not a good look when the 45th President of the United States of America badmouths everyone involved, which includes the country he is trying to convince to vote him in as the 47th President of the United States. Now his devoted followers will be screaming that everyone from the judge, the jury and the current president are corrupt.

Okay, so let’s get to the question many people have wondered: can Donald Trump run for president now? The answer is yes, he can, even if he goes to prison. ABC News states there is nothing in the American Constitution that says a former president with a criminal record cannot run for re-election.

Is Donald Trump Going To Jail?

Let’s be real. When the Constitution was written all those centuries ago, no one thought that a president would be convicted of a crime. That’s like the Second Amendment where no one thought that there would be so many mass shootings in America.

Being Australian, this really shouldn’t concern me. However, I am concerned for my American readers who had to put up with an egotistical maniac as a president for four years. To answer the question “Is Donald Trump going to jail?”, it’s up in the air as he’ll likely appeal the decision and if he is sentenced he could be looking at four years, according to CBS News.

While prison is not the only option, Donald Trump could get community service amongst other things. It would be truly hilarious if this happened as Trump doesn’t do talking to people who earn under $100million a year.

We’ll explore what comes next for Trump in a later post.

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