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Why Did Meghan Markle Go To The Uvalde Shooting Scene?

Why did Meghan Markle go to the site of the Robb Elementary School shooting in 2022 when she has NO connection to Uvalde, Texas? We’re still scratching our heads on this one. Yet, in the last month or so, a relative of one of the adult victims has been praising the Sussexes up the wazoo for being so kind. He has also proclaimed that he is part of the Sussex Squad.

What we’d love to know is why Meghan had to go to Uvalde. Moreover, why is it necessary for her to be flaunting the “I’m a mom” imagery that she is trying to push? Well, it would appear she doesn’t know anything about being a mother and is trying to copy Catherine, the Princess of Wales.

There Is No Comparison Between Catherine And Meghan’s Memorial Visits

We don’t like comparing Meghan and Catherine as there is no comparison. However, when Meghan showed up in Uvalde, people were scratching their heads as to why she was there. Thinking back on it, we might have the answer.

In 2021, Catherine visited the memorial for murdered woman Sarah Everard. The public wasn’t told of the appearance, and her presence was only known after a civilian took a video. It went viral. As per the Independent, Cressida Dick of the MET Police said that the then-Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the site was known to the police before she attended. Ms Dick also said the royal mother’s visit was entirely legal after several women were arrested.

There is a reason why Catherine went to the memorial. It was referenced in Harper’s Bazaar that she felt compelled to pay her respects to Sarah as she remembered what it was like being a young woman walking home alone at night.

Then, we have Meghan. Her only excuse, as per Town and Country, for being there was to “offer her condolences and support in person to a community experiencing unimaginable grief.” Markle has no connection to Uvalde whatsoever.

Only Cares For Herself

Where were Meghan’s condolences for the people who were killed in other shootings that occurred afterwards? She never put out a statement, the way the King and the Prince and Princess of Wales did, for the Westfield stabbing a few weekends ago where multiple women were killed. So much for being a feminist fighting for women’s rights.

Catherine understood the dread that women feel walking home alone as she had experienced it before her marriage. However, Meghan only wanted cameras to follow her around. There is also a photo of her looking at photos on the camera. It’s also our cover image for this post.

Meghan Uvalde

No one can tell us that this was a random visit. No one went to the Uvalde site for a few days afterwards. The only famous person who had a right to be there was Matthew McConaughey as Uvalde is his hometown. Even the President of the United States stayed away until it was appropriate to visit.

Conclusively, Meghan wants to be seen as a global icon who cares for everyone. Why she chose to target one family over all the others blows the mind wide open. What was so special about the one family that the Sussexes chose? Were they the most gullible and believed what they were being told?

Who knows.

The Rumour

To end this post, we had to explain a rumour that came out of the Uvalde shooting. When Meghan and her camera crew showed up at the scene, they tried to get entry to the crime scene but were told “no” by the officials as it was an active crime scene.

We cannot find where this information came from, but would it be surprising if it were true? No, it wouldn’t.

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