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People are not buying the conspiracies regarding Catherine, the Princess of Wales. The #IStandWithCatherine hashtag has trended on and off for a while. It shows how much the world loves the future Queen.

In the age of social media and a toxic press culture, the conspiracies have only gotten louder and are trying to silence those who know the truth.

The List Of Conspiracies

We do not believe in any of these conspiracies, but we feel it is important for people to know what is being said.

  • The palace is covering up the Princess of Wales’ death.
  • William beat Catherine up.
  • Catherine had an affair with Thomas Kingston and William killed him as it led to a pregnancy.
  • The palace hired a body double in the footage of the Waleses walking through the Windsor market as Catherine is seen, to as being “too short”. A professional Catherine impersonator debunked this, saying she was working at her real job when the video was taken.
  • A wax figure was sitting in Carole Middleton’s car.
  • A body double was standing in for Prince William.
  • Catherine had her tubes tied.
  • The face of Catherine in the Mother’s Day photo is from the Vogue cover.

People tend to forget that Catherine is a human being with feelings. Shame on Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian for even joking about it. I once had an ounce of respect for these two women, and now I don’t. How would they like it if they had to disappear and people questioned where they were?

#IStandWithCatherine And The Race Baiters

All Meghan Markle receives are hashtags that call her out because she deserves it. She has lied so much. It’s rare that a Sussex Squad approved positive hashtag trends in favour of their goddess.

#IStandWithCatherine trends because people don’t believe the vulgar BS about the Princess of Wales. Catherine has a right to her privacy, yet people like Shouty Shola and Christopher Bouzy say that the Princess deserves to have her privacy invaded because Meghan wasn’t protected.

How can you protect someone when you don’t know what is going on? No one knew that Meghan was allegedly suicidal. We have opinions about that, but we’re not highlighting that here

Oh, and Bouzy is a legendary paranoid who said people were after him when it was just a delivery guy sent to deliver him papers.

Then we have Shola, a known race-baiter who hates the royal family because a) they’re white and b) they’re supposedly responsible for slavery. Here’s the truth. She descends from royalty herself, and her ancestors had slaves. Her grandfather was a king or something. Also, if she actually did research, she would know that Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, wrote a letter in the fight against slavery and he assisted in shutting down the slave trade in Britain.

The reparations were paid off, according to PBS, in 2015. A loan had been taken out in 1833 to pay it, and the whole thing took over a hundred years to pay off. Not many people know this, and those screaming the Brits need to say the descendants are off their faces. It would send the whole country broke.

Back To Our Beloved Catherine

Returning to Catherine, the Princess of Wales, she deserves respect and privacy. She has been an asset to the British people. Moreover, this is why people love her. Also, there was a story where a journalist was asking people on the streets in London, and they all the said same thing; the palace told the public the Princess would be out until Easter and they respect that.

If #IStandWithCatherine has taught us anything, it’s that Catherine is so popular and beloved that people hate it when she disappears for long stretches of time. That is all this is. This is the opposite of Meghan, who won’t leave anyone alone. If she disappeared for a long time, people would sigh in relief. This did happen when Harry was on his Spare promotional tour. For a month, Meghan was nowhere to be found, though there was speculation at the time that she tried to highjack one of the interviews and escorted out of the building. We’re not sure how true that is.

Catherine has been a staple in people’s lives for many years. Not having her around for a long stretch of time scares people. The conspiracies of what happened to her are a way to occupy space in people’s minds. However, they cannot accept grainy pictures of her or even something that has been lightly edited. People would’ve picked up on those edits only if they zoomed in on the photo.

Please, we beg you all, leave Catherine alone! Let her recover, and she will be back with us soon. These conspiracies have gotten out of hand.

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