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We Need To Talk About The #SussexBabyScam – OPINION


Did Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor come from their mother, Meghan Markle’s body? Are they biologically her and Prince Harry’s children? Do they exist? A topic I never wanted to touch was the #SussexBabyScam, but here I am.

With the rerelease of Lady Colin Campbell’s book, Harry & Meghan: The Real Story, with new material, the alleged royal con of the century of whether Meghan Markle faked her pregnancies with Archie and Lilibet has risen to the surface once more. #SussexBabyScam has trended on and off on Twitter for several years. For those who are only new to this maelstrom, let me explain what this whole thing is about.

The Start Of The Alleged #SussexBabyScam

Strange things happened in late 2018 and early 2019 while Meghan Markle was pregnant with her son Archie. Meghan’s belly would shrink, reform, or disappear entirely whenever she was out and about. She could bend down at 7-8 months pregnant with her knees together. I’ve known people who have been pregnant and could not do that. Perhaps there are some women who can do that. I don’t know, I’ve never been pregnant.

Now, Stef the Alter Nerd did a live stream where she, too, affirmed her position, which is more or less like mine: on the fence. There is compelling evidence to suggest that Harry and Meghan ordered a blackout on the UK media to conceal their scam – if you want to see the proof go over to Stef’s stream.

A Ton Of Evidence

A lot of the evidence I have seen over the years. The one thing that throws the whole thing out of the water is the post-pregnancy weight. I am well aware that she could’ve been taking lactation pills.

Now, one piece of evidence is a tweet from Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister, referencing a hysterectomy. This rumour has been going around for a while, and someone wrote a poorly written article on it without quotes or sources.

Also, a video from a woman who works as a parenting coach has been floating around on Twitter. In the video, she debunks what Meghan says about being unable to take photos outside the Portland Hospital due to the emergency department.

According to this lady, Portland Hospital has no emergency department. I also need to mention that Sarah Ferguson, the mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, delivered her daughters at the Portland Hospital and had no issues taking photos outside. Here are two images as proof.

These photos were taken outside The Portland.

Other Proof Of The #SussexBabyScam

Returning to Stef’s video, she references other alleged proof of Meghan’s #SussexBabyScam. Also, there is a ton of speculation that the palace wants to go public with the allegations, as they’ve known about it for five years.

Now, this rumour about the palace wanting to go public has been going around for years, too, but nothing has ever surfaced. That’s the only downside to this. Apparently, the press has had enough wants to expose the #SussexBabyScam for what it is.

I know people will wonder if the palace knew about it and if the family knew what was going on. If the speculation is true, the public might have a violent reaction to the news as they were lied to. However, if the palace is upfront and says, “Yes, we knew, and we were trying to keep the peace” the impact might not be so bad. However, this will give the Republican groups more of an excuse to scream from the rooftops.

Who Knew About It?

It will also depend on who knew about it. Did The King (then the Prince of Wales) and Prince William know about it? The Queen and Prince Philip’s knowledge will also be questioned, though they couldn’t defend themselves.

Do I think William will be blamed for keeping quiet? I don’t think so. He had more significant problems than getting involved in his brother’s business; he had two toddlers and a baby then. Not to mention, he has protected Harry his whole life, and if he did know, he would probably stay out of it as it is his brother’s problem.

On The Fence

Now, I am still on the fence about this. Unless the #SussexBabyScam is made public officially, I will not believe it. There are also big things that work against it: the legal stuff. I have heard that in the UK, the baby is delivered by the surrogate and that the surrogate is the legal mother, regardless if the baby was conceived using eggs from the biological mother. Also, the surrogate is not paid. This would mean that Meghan would have to adopt her children from the surrogates.

Let’s play devil’s advocate, okay? What is the purpose of pretending to be pregnant but making horrible mistakes along the way? Let me tell you. Lying about how the babies were born means they get places in the line of succession when they shouldn’t be there at all. This rule applies not only to the British royals but to other royal families, too.

Example Of Illegal Surrogacy

Surrogacy is illegal in some countries. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway got into trouble for helping a gay couple, one of whom worked for the Norwegian royals, who had welcomed twins, so she travelled to India on their behalf to care for the babies as they were unable to get a travel visa in time. She pretended to be the children’s nanny. She explained in a statement that she was not taking any politicial side and was only helping the couple as a friend would.

Why Would KP’s PR Team Tweet Out A PSA When The Sussexes Had An Intstagram Account?

Another aspect that I wanted to bring up is the “tweet” that was allegedly put out from Kensington Palace that claimed Archie had been delivered via surrogate.

[Credit: Twitter]

If Kensington Palace had put out this tweet, why are there so many spelling and grammar errors? Would anyone be awake on the KP PR team at the hour it was put out? I did not take a picture of this, I found it on Google. This was taken by someone else, allegedly.

Though I did find another shot of it with the date, time and a location.

[Credit: Twitter/LouLou LA]

Now, this makes no sense. By the time Archie was born, Meghan and Harry were no longer using the Kensington Palace Twitter account. They had an Instagram account of their own, which was launched on April 3 2019, a month before Archie’s birth. Also, the only people who would have access to the KP Twitter account is the PR team working out of Kensington Palace. Why would Frogmore Cottage be tagged? Also, I went looking for the tweet a while ago via the Wayback Machine, but couldn’t find it as it wasn’t up long enough for someone to capture it.

Two Scenarios For The “Tweet”

I can think of two situations might have happened. Someone Harry and Meghan’s PR team for their hands on the password for the Twitter account and tried to frame the Waleses’ PR team. Or, someone on the KP PR team tried to get the message out from elsewhere and tagged Frogmore Cottage.

Though, my conclusion has always been that the tweet was faked.

Why Is Meghan Feeding The Baby If There’s A Nanny? And Nanny Maria

Another thought as well is something Stef bought up in her live. If Meghan and Harry had a nanny, which we know they did because it has been referenced numerous times and there is photographic proof, why did Meghan spend half the night feeding Archie? According to Grazia magazine, there was an “incident” with Archie involving the night nanny and this was information given to their mouthpiece Omid Scobie, who mentions it on a podcast called A Very Royal Baby: From Cradle to Crown.

This makes us wonder; was the night nanny the one who was with them in South Africa? Why have two nannies for two different parts of the day? Harry always complained he was raised by nannies as his parents were always away on business. We know William and Catherine have only had one nanny for all three of their children. They hired Maria in 2014 when Prince George was only 8 months old. She has become a fixture in the lives of the Wales children just as Tiggy Legge-Bourke was in Harry and William’s lives. She also lets the kids be normal kids and doesn’t try to be their parent.

Nanny Maria also comforted one of the little bridesmaids at the Sussex wedding and she helped out with the children at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

Why So Many Nannies?

Harry and Meghan scream that they are hands on parents, so why do they need two nannies or more. There has been rumours that they went through multiple nannies in a short space of time. Not to mention, the nanny that accompanied them to South Africa for their “No one has asked me if I’m okay” tour, was on their Netflix special gushing about how nice they were and how they amazing they are. Who wants to bet she was paid a lot of money to say that? She doesn’t work for them now, likely due to their move across to America. Or they were very hard to work for.

It is entirely possible that neither Harry nor Meghan wanted to parent their children, so they got in “additional help.” It would explain why Markle looks so unnatural around kids. She likes the idea of being a mother without putting in the work. The only “parenting” Harry claims to know is nannies, despite claiming his father was there when his mother died.

Charles stepped up for both his sons when their mother died and it would hurt him to hear everything Harry is saying about him like how he didn’t hug him. Did it actually occur to Harry at all that his father was in shock? Also the drugs appears to have scrambled his brain a lot. Not to mention, Harry loves leave his children for long intervals, yet he criticises his father for the same thing. Charles didn’t have a choice in the manner.

Would William’s Reputation Be Hit If He Knew About The #SussexBabyScam?

We mentioned this earlier, but we do not believe William’s rep will take a hit. It’s not his fault his brother and sister-in-law are liars who are obsessed with their privilege. The worst that could happen is that Harry and/or Meghan blame him for everything that is happening.

After all, Harry whinged that William broke his beloved necklace after he fell on a metal, sorry, ceramic dog bowl after a physical fight. Oh and then there was the WWII Bad Guy uniform for the fancy dress party. See Spare for more details on that.

William doesn’t control what Harry does. Never does Charles. After all, Harry is a close to 40-year-old man who left his family on his own accord.

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