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Mean Girl Vibes: What Is The Goal Of Meghan Markle And The Sussex Squad? – OPINION

What is the true goal of Meghan Markle and her rabid Sussex Squad? We’ve said before that Meghan thought she would be Queen. However, now that we think about it, she thought that she would get the position due to her thought process of it being a popularity contest like in high school with prom.

This is not how it works in reality. Real monarchies don’t work the same way as high school social circles. If you look super closely at how things have unravelled over the years, it feels like a high school environment.

Meghan The Prom Queen – The Non-Loner

That might sound strange, but it makes sense if you sit back and think about it. Also, the photos that have come out over the years paint Meghan in a way that she doesn’t want people to see. She has said multiple times that she was unpopular and had no friends. However, how did she end up as prom queen?

Sussex Squad meghan goal
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The prom queen thing isn’t the imaginary thinking of a ‘deranger’ as the Sussex Squad love to call the Megxiteer community. There was footage filmed by Meghan’s dad, Tom Snr of her as prom queen. Also, if she wasn’t popular, why would she be voted prom queen at all? Just a thought. We’ve seen some of the pictures from years ago, which people have long mistaken as wedding photos, hence the belief that she was married before Trevor Engelson.

We just want to say we have never believed that she was married before Trevor as there is no evidence to suggest she was. There is a line we don’t cross and that’s getting invested in conspiracies that have little to no evidence to back it up.

The surrogacy rumours are a bit different as there is plenty of evidence that backs them up. However, we are not convinced of this but we’ll see as time goes on. Anyway, back to the matter at hand; Meghan, the Sussex Squad and their goal.

Meghan, The Sussex Squad And The Mean Girl Goal

When you look at the way Meghan and the Sussex Squad behave, it gives off mean-girl vibes. As in, high school mean girls vibes where the goal is to belittle and besmirch as many “little people” as possible or people they see as a threat.

So, target number one on Meghan and the Sussex Squad’s raid and goal to harass is Catherine, the Princess of Wales.

In typical mean girl style, Catherine is the beloved popular girl with the hot boyfriend (Prince William). There have been rumours floating around in various parts of the interwebs that Meghan wanted to marry William and tried to seduce him away from his wife. When that didn’t work, she realised pretty quickly that she was stuck with Harry.

There are photos to back this up. Here’s one example:

clash; control; goal
[Credit: Glamour]

The photo above is from Princess Eugenie’s wedding, where Meghan stole the show by revealing she was pregnant with Archie.

The Sussex Squad: Meghan’s Goons

The Sussex Squad are her devoted goons who believe her and will do anything she asks of them, like bullying small children (Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis) and then saying ‘Oh, don’t bully children.’

You cannot make it make any sense. So, it’s okay for someone to make fun of someone else’s children but it’s not okay for the victim to do the same to the perpetrator. In other words, Meghan wants the Sussex Squad to degrade the Wales children as part of their goal to make her [Markle] queen… of something.

That brings us to something else that is totally on par with the goals of Meghan and the Sussex Squad. They complain about the smallest things that are easily debunkable. One example of this is the whole ‘Archie didn’t get a title because he’s black’ thing. The Letters of Patent had nothing to do with Harry or his offspring. Also, why would a baby need his own security when he would’ve had his parents? Not to mention, in 2011, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were stripped of their taxpayer-funded security as adults, much to chagrin of their father, Prince Andrew.

Beatrice and Eugenie, when they reached a certain age, were constitutionally irrelevant. Hence why the security was stripped. Moreover, this was before most of the Queen’s grandchildren had children. Their cousin, Peter Phillips and his then-wife, Autumn, had just welcomed their eldest daughter, Savannah, in late 2010.

Archie Was Not In Direct Line To The Throne At Birth

George, Charlotte and Louis had not been born yet. Beatrice and Eugenie had not moved down the line of succession as Peter was below them as Princess Anne was behind her youngest brother, Prince Edward, despite being older than him. This was before The Queen changed the letters patent to allow any children William and Catherine had to have not only prince or princess or titles, but to prevent any sons born after daughters to jump ahead.

The titles had nothing to do with Archie “being black.” Archie was not in direct line to the throne when he was born. The only reason that George, Charlotte and Louis got titles at birth is because their father will be King. If the Queen had not stepped in before George was born, Charlotte and Louis would be ‘Lady Charlotte’ and ‘Lord Louis’. They would’ve had to wait until their grandfather was monarch to become Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. George, being the eldest, would’ve been a prince from birth either way.

Examples of Titles of the ‘Other Grandchildren’

Harry might be the King’s son, but that does not mean his children were entitled from the beginning to have titles. Despite what Meghan told Oprah about how ‘other grandchildren’ had titles and hers didn’t, she said other grandchildren of the monarch. Here’s the issue with what she said. she was supposed to say ‘Great Grandchildren’. The only grandchildren of The Queen that had prince and princess titles were William, Harry, Beatrice and Eugenie. Zara and Peter Phillips were not entitled to have them as they were female line grandchildren of the monarch. However, their grandmother had suggested changing to rules for them but their mother declined the offer as she wanted her kids growing up normally.

Louise and James, Prince Edward’s children were given courtesy titles. Lady and Viscount Severn, respectfully. They were given the option to take Prince and Princess titles when they were old enough to understand it. Louise has not taken up the offer and she just turned 20. James, meanwhile, is still too young, though when his father became The Duke of Edinburgh, James became the Earl of Wessex.

Meghan’s statement of ‘other grandchildren of the monarch’ is not the same as ‘great-grandchildren of the monarch.’ Of all The Queen’s great-grandchildren who were born during her lifetime, only George, Charlotte and Louis were titled. All the other great-grandchildren, including Princess Eugenie’s son, August, are not titled. What Meghan said is misleading to those who mightn’t know anything about the monarchy.

No, Meghan was taking swipes at William and Catherine’s children being titled, implying that it was favouritism when it was not.

The Bot Goons

The goal from the offset that Meghan was trying to push is that people love her. If the world loved her, she would have broken Instagram records with American Riviera Orchard. Almost two months after her account went live, she only garnered over 600k followers, which in the world of lifestyle influencers is pretty bad.

Jennifer Anniston was the one who broke the Sussex Royal follower count record. She has genuine fans who love her, hence why her followers broke the record. But than, you hve Meghan who is buddies with Christopher Bouzy, who we refer to as Bot man. Oh, yes. Markle is more than likely using bots to make it look like she has a ton of fans.

What you’re seeing above is a screenshot from Insight IQ. Whether this is accurate we don’t know. But the follower count is incorrect as American Riviera Orchard just hit over 600k. But you get the idea. According to the numbers here, it looks like that there are over 6.73% fake followers. We don’t believe this for a moment.

We also found another fake follower checker, Collabstr, that says something entirely different. It also has not been updated as it says that Meghan only has 174k followers when she has a lot more than that.

So, it does look like that there is a varying degree of bot activity. Given what people are saying in newspaper polls both in the UK and the US, it looks like Meghan is doing what she can prove people wrong when they’re not wrong.

Bots On OG Instagram?

We’ve suspected for a long time that the 3M Instagram followers that Meghan had on her original Instagram account, may have been largely bots. So many people had never heard of her before she got with Harry. She was not that famous and how can someone on a cable television series who runs a tiny blog no one has heard of suddenly have 3M followers?

[Credit: The Mirror]

This within itself is strange. So why hasn’t Meghan replicated her original success? Simple. She is more universally known and her true colours have come out more than enough times to turn people off her.

The Sussex Squad’s goal is to make Meghan look good, but it’s not working. People who usually back her up are either oblivious to the news, don’t fact-check anything they are told and just follow her because ‘her lifestyle’ is something they like.

The Sussex Squad And Their Blind Allegiance

So, what is the Sussex Squad’s goal and how does it include Meghan Markle? If we had to choose something, they would be the cronies to the mean girl. They the Gretchen and Karen to Meghan’s Regina George. They will do anything she says, including doxxing people who they see as as ‘derangers’. Also, they will after children and attack other royals based on their looks and come up with conspiracy theories to make themselves feel better.

Not to mention, they have no talents outside of hiding behind fake names. Then we have the Squaddies who activately follow the Sussexes to events. Invictus is a great example of this. Several members of the Sussex Squad have been known to cosplay as Meghan. For example, one woman dressed like Meghan did at The Queen’s funeral.

However, the difference was Meghan actually looked better than this woman did. The woman wore a dress where the cape didn’t look like it belonged to the dress and she was wearing block heels. The only part of Meghan’s attire at the Queen’s funeral that we didn’t like was the gloves. They looked out of place with the dress.

Why Does The Sussex Squad Hate Catherine, The Princess of Wales?

We all know why Meghan Markle hates Catherine, the Princess of Wales. But why do the Sussex Squad hate her? It is very easy to stay that the Squad hates her because Meghan does, but they hate the idea of a white woman being happy and being married to a future king. There could be any number of things, but the one thing that we cannot understand is why do they target Catherine at all.

Catherine has never put a foot wrong and she is a loving and kind human being. She adores her husband, her in-laws and her own family and of course, her three adorable children. It sounds like the Sussex Squad and Meghan’s goal is to make Catherine insecure, feel small and feel like her marriage is not what is supposed to be.

We all know that Meghan is jealous that Catherine’s marriage is almost fairytale-like. No marriage is perfect, we all know that. But the Sussex Squad is feeding off Markle’s energy. If she’s happy, then they’re happy. If she’s pissed, they’re pissed. It is a merry-go-around that never stops.

If Meghan wants vengeance, which is always, the Sussex Squad then do her bidding. They will claim that everyone doesn’t agree with Meghan is deranged, racist, sexist and every other ‘ist’ word under the sun.

Catherine is the epitome of everything Meghan is not. Finally, it must kill the Squaddies that their beloved Meg isn’t at most popular royal in the British Royal Family.

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