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RJ Returns To Los Angeles, But There’s Tension Between Him And Thomas

RJ, Ridge Jr

Brooke and Ridge’s only child together, Ridge Jr, better known as RJ, is back in Los Angeles. His first scenes aired late last week after a heavy storyline with Sheila Carter. In today’s episode, RJ reunites with his older half-sister, Hope, but conversations with his parents about his older half-brother, Thomas, turn almost sour.

RJ, who has been kept in the loop about his brother’s escapades with the CPS call and every in-between, has a somewhat adverse reaction to the mention of his brother. After all, Thomas did frame Brooke for the CPS call. Ridge Jr also made it abundantly clear he did not appreciate that his brother went after his mother.

Also, of all the Logan-Forrester siblings, Thomas is the only one RJ didn’t mention. He mentioned Rick, Bridget, Hope and Steffy but not Thomas. Even Taylor, who we know is Brooke’s best friend, now questions why her son hasn’t spoken to his brother.

RJ even tells his parents that he hadn’t returned home because he was tired of the war between the Logans and the Forresters. He also mentions that due to being both a Forrester and a Logan, he didn’t want to be forced to choose sides in the family feud.

Can Someone Hit Thomas, Please?

Thomas, meanwhile, is bombarded by questions from Taylor as to why he didn’t follow Hope to see Ridge Jr. Instantly, he turns the question to his mother, questioning how she feels about Brooke and Ridge’s only child being in town.

The turnaround in conversation shows that Thomas feels somewhat threatened by RJ. Why? Well, it’s possible that he doesn’t like he exists because he still, deep down, wants his parents back together.

Thomas. Dude! You’re in your thirties! Your mother and on-off stepmother are best friends now. You don’t need your parents together. Would it be nice? Yeah, it probably does, but they’re why you exist. RJ has a right to exist, as Brooke and Ridge were together too. In other words, someone else who is half-Logan irks Thomas.

Ridge Jr has every right to be standoffish. Thomas is the reason why Bridge broke up in the first place. After all, RJ is why they go back together. With Taylor, she’s just happy because everyone else is. Do you think RJ’s presence threatens her? No. She and Brooke have turned a page. Being jealous of someone else’s child being present is petty and stupid.

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