The Bold And The Beautiful

Bill Gets A Confession From Sheila

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Bill Spencer is a lot of things, but getting close to Sheila Carter is one hell of a task. For months he has put up mental walls with his family. So little did anyone, let alone the audience realise that he was trying to get a confession from the crazed woman who has terrorised the Los Angeles set for over 30 years.

In today’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill gets a “yes” to his “marriage proposal” and a confession that has long been in the making. The FBI and Ridge Forrester have been waiting for this moment since the beginning. But did they get the response they had hoped for? We say this because the FBI was having technological problems.

Let’s hope the confession was recorded. Sheila is going away forever; let’s hope—massive kudos to Kimberlin Brown for playing a deranger for as long as she has. Now, is she leaving? Unfortunately, we have no clue if she is, as we don’t follow the behind-the-scenes departure as much as we should.

Ridge and the FBI agent sitting in on the conversation from the safety of another location are ecstatic that Sheila has confessed. Bill’s quick thinking in proposing was innovative, but let’s hope it was worth it.

How Will The Family React To What Ridge And Bill Were Doing?

Let’s hope we have a positive response from the family. After all, Katie and Brooke are at a loss to explain why he turned and jumped into Sheila’s bed. Then there’s Steffy and Finn, who, despite their unnecessary make-out fest, also spoke about the disaster that is Finn’s biological mother.

We know Wyatt and Liam are at their wits’ ends as to what to do about their father. Katie mentioned this during her conversation with Brooke, where she bought up Will and how much Bill loves him. Let’s hope that this week’s batch of episodes brings the she-devil unravelled even further.

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