The Flash: Grant Gustin Talks Playing “Dad”, The Gold Boots, and Candice Patton Plays News Reader

Gold Boots

DC FanDome officially revealed a look at the gold boots that have been the most sought after part of Grant Gustin’s super suits. During his short chat with host Tiffany Smith, he spoke about playing “dad” to Jessica Parker Kennedy and Jordan Fisher, who play his daughter and son, Nora and Bart, respectively. He said it’s a little weird playing the father role as Jessica and Jordan are around the same age he is. For more on that chat, check out the uploaded video to the GameCorpCrew on YouTube channel:

[Credit: GameCorpCrew On YouTube – YouTube]

Outside of the well sought after golden boots, Grant’s on-screen wife, Candice Patton had a prominent role in DC FanDome as she turned her reporting skills into the real deal. She was the newsreader for DC FanDome’s News Flashes. Get it? She did a good job at it, despite Iris being a print journalist rather than a newsreader on the show. If she ever decides to take up a new career, journalism is the route she should take.

Going back to the gold boots, these had been teased. Arrowverse YouTuber, Pagey did a video on it, so the credit goes to him and his sources. In all honesty, we’ve never cared about the small details. According to hardcore fans, the gold boots were the last thing required to create a comic accurate Flash super suit. It puts Ezra Miller’s Flash suits in the background as far as we’re concerned. However, we don’t know how Barry ends up with the boots as of yet. We’ll have to wait until the launch of the new season to find out more about this. Finally, we love how Grant plays a dad to his on-screen kids. Though, it is tragic that it’s not the same version of Nora. Also, Bart is probably our favourite next-gen speedster.

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