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Chronicles Of Harkle: My Thoughts On The Sussex Surrogacy Rumours


What is the deal with these surrogacy rumours? – The shadiness of Harry and Meghan has always been a source of conversation. We all know the story of how Markle alluded to her pregnancy with Archie at her “friend” and H’s cousin, Princess Eugenie’s wedding. However, as the pregnancy played out, things weren’t adding up. The baby bump would constantly shink and change shape, which has led people to believe surrogacy was a factor.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I think they’re pointless as it doesn’t answer questions and instead drives people insane with more inquiries. Do I love a good theory? Yes, I do but only in overall pop culture. Not in a reality where every famous person’s life is fair game. People tend to forget that those with fame are humans and not robots.

Anyway, back to our conversation about the potential Sussex surrogacy. Anyone who knows this site and me will know that I lean towards the facts. That is the type of person I am. I’m on the fence about whether Meghan employed surrogacy while pregnant with both children.

I don’t believe in either scenario because there is insufficient evidence to suggest either way. Yes, there are photos of her bump changing sizes and shapes. However, as Brittany of the Royal News Network pointed out in a video she did last week, it is entirely possible padding made the bump made it look bigger.

The Privacy Aspect Puts The Surrogacy Rumours In Full View

A couple who claim all they want is privacy has no comprehension of what that entails. They are our faces every single day, and people are fed up. I know I am. I’ve been trying to distance myself from reporting on them as much as possible, but it’s not working, as you can see.

What bugs me is their privacy claims are causing people to question whether the children exist or not. Harry and Meghan claim they’re incredible parents, but we never see them with the kids. Brittany made light of this in her video. Unfortunately, people have called baby Lilibet ‘Invisibet’ because we never see her.

I understand that they’re private citizens, but why talk about them and claim you’re the world’s best parents? It makes no logical sense. You don’t see Princess Beatrice and Edo talking about Sienna constantly. They made it quite clear that she would be a private citizen, and they would NOT be releasing photos of her, and that’s fine. Zara and her brother Peter did the same with their children. The only time we see their kids is at family events. For example, we saw Mia at the Thanksgiving service for Prince Philip, and Savannah and Isla were at the service.

With the Sussexes, they believe they are still royals with the half-in, half-out approach they wanted. However, it’s not going their way, and they’re using emotional blackmail to get the Queen, who is 96 and very fragile given her mobility, to comply. This is sick and selfish.

Do I Believe The Rumours?

To finish off, do I believe the rumours? Like I said earlier, I’m one of those few people on the fence. I know some people believe the surrogacy thing happened, and some do not. That’s fine as it’s your opinion. However, the proof doesn’t say yes, but it doesn’t say no either.

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