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The Bold And The Beautiful: We Know Where This Is Going…


We’re not blaming little Douglas for ratting Grandma Brooke out to Thomas. He’s just a kid who knows how to tell the truth. After informing them of Beth’s survival, he saves Hope and Liam from a lifetime of pain and misery. However, his adoptive grandmother will have a lot of explaining to do when the truth gets back to Ridge. Of course, his Aunt Steffy will say, “Dad needs to be with Mom, as Brooke isn’t worthy of him!” and all that dramatic jazz. No one knows, at least not yet, that Sheila switched the Champagne bottles. Then, there’s Deacon, who dreams of a life with his daughter’s mother despite knowing where her loyalty lies.

Despite what the Forresters think, Deacon is trying to rebuild his life. He’s been trying to keep well away from Sheila. She continues to pop up like a broken jack-in-the-box, poised to take Brooke down and get Taylor as an ally. 

The Four-Way Issue And It Has Nothing To Do With Deacon

We have the drama with Carter, Paris, Grace, and Zende elsewhere. While the second Doc Buckingham wants her daughter with the Forrester designer, she has just spied Miss Paris kissing Carter. We suspect this will go down like a sinking ship. Then, there’s Katie, whom the big-shot lawyer man had a massive crush on and vice versa. It’s like he’s forgotten about her.

While Grace has good intentions, she should allow Paris to make her own mistakes. She’s holding what happened between Carter and Zoe over the lawyer’s head. Since they met, it’s clear he’s not enough for either of her daughters. Meanwhile, she thinks that Zende was sculpted by the gods. The guy is H-O-T, and he’s a Forrester! What woman wouldn’t want him?

Let’s jump in and see how predictable this story will get, shall we?

Shut Up, Steffy, And Back Off!

Since Taylor returned to Los Angeles, Steffy has been hellbent on getting her parents back together. What is she attempting to do? Is she playing out her fantasy of parent-trapping them? What is she? Twelve? Judging by this coming week’s promo, Thomas tells his sister what Douglas told him about Deacon kissing Brooke on New Year’s Eve.

This is the perfect excuse for Steffy to take another swipe at Brooke. However, no one knows about Sheila’s involvement. Finn is already torn between seeing his birth mother and listening to his wife. We’re also aware that the psychopath who thinks she’s entitled to know her son and grandchild is obsessed with revenge and seeing her long-lost child and new grandchild. 

She wants Brooke to play for standing up to her and banning her from seeing Finn and Hayes. Also, Deacon can’t escape her, though he’s kept himself out of her drama and obsession. Sheila wants to gloat so badly. But she doesn’t want to expose herself as he’ll go to Hope and tell her, who, in return, will reveal all to the rest of the family. Oh, and she’s Team Tridge, too.

However, if Steffy were to learn that Sheila played a part in Brooke breaking her sobriety, it might make her back off. If there’s one person she despises more than her on-off stepmother, it’s her biological mother-in-law.

Please, Don’t Blame Little Douglas!

We would never blame Douglas for telling the truth. He’s a kid taught by his biological mother, Caroline, that honesty is the best policy known to man. After all, she got embroiled in some of her Uncle Bill’s schemes. She always acknowledged her mistakes and didn’t want her son to make the same ones.

Douglas is a hero in getting Beth back where she belongs. Thomas has a close bond with his son and usually knows when something’s off with him, as does Hope. Liam and Hope would never punish him for telling the truth about anything. The truth will harm Brooke and Ridge’s marriage regardless of whether he said something, as it would’ve gotten out another way. His grandfather doesn’t know when to quit regarding his antics. Taylor certainly doesn’t help matters. Look at the bright side, though. At least, it’s not Quinn who hates everyone.

Grace Needs To Respect Paris’ Decision

Moving away from the Forrester drama with Sheila and Deacon. Paris is caught up in the same triangle her sister found herself in a while ago. She’s dating Zende, but she doesn’t want a serious relationship. Meanwhile, she’s hung up on Carter, who was engaged to Zoe and cheated on her with Quinn.

Yeah, that’s not awkward at all. Anyway, Grace thinks the world of Zende and sees him as the perfect man for Paris. However, her opinion of Carter isn’t great. After all, he cheated on Zoe with a married woman. Though, she doesn’t exactly hate him either. She advises her youngest daughter to listen to him regarding Zende.

We don’t know whether Grace is trying to push Paris with Zende, but she shouldn’t interfere. If Paris isn’t ready for marriage, she shouldn’t be forced to accept a proposal.

Zoe was all about status. She wanted to date both Carter and Zende because she knew one of them could get her access to the privilege that comes with the Forresters. However, we don’t see Grace as being like her eldest daughter. She wants what is best for Paris, and having a high-profile boyfriend would put her mind at ease.

Though, we wonder what would happen if Paris were to pursue a relationship with Thomas. Would Grace be complaining, then? After all, he’s a Forrester, too.

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