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The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy And Ridge Need To Stay Out Hope And Finn’s Business!

Sheila Carter isn’t worth the energy. She has schemed and tried to kill people multiple times. Hell, she even robbed Steffy, Phoebe, and Thomas of having their mother in their lives. However, the scheming former nurse isn’t the only person the Forresters are trying to run out of town. They’ve set their sights on Deacon Sharpe, Hope’s father as well. Though, he’s nowhere near as bad as Finn’s biological mother.

Yes, Deacon has done some stupid things in his time, but he has never tried to murder someone to get what he wants. He married Quinn against Hope’s wishes, and he, of course, cheated on Bridget with Brooke and getting her pregnant with Hope weren’t his best decision. However, he is willing to show how much he has changed.

Sheila, meanwhile, claims she’s changed but when she hasn’t. She’s obsessing over Finn and acting all sweet around him when in private, she’s slamming Steffy and everyone who cannot stand her. Steffy and Ridge are the reason we’re here.

While we understand why the Forresters and everyone associated want nothing to do with Sheila, they have no right to dictate to Hope about Deacon. Yes, she looks at the good inside people, but she can see how much her dad has changed. He’s been fighting the urge to team up with Sheila since they met and ended up sharing a hotel room.

We can see this shift as a positive one, and Hope is the reason why Deacon is turning his life around. However, no one else wants to see it.

Steffy And Ridge Aren’t Perfect, Liam Needs To Think About His Own Father’s Actions Before Criticising Deacon

We’ve spoken countless times about how Ridge and Steffy aren’t perfect but portray themselves to be saints. Look at all the times they’ve cheated to get what they want. Steffy has stolen Liam away from Hope so many times we’ve lost track. Then, there’s Ridge’s constant cheating on Brooke, mostly with Taylor.

The reason Brooke turned to Deacon is because Ridge was married to Taylor. Brooke definitely isn’t perfect. However, she has a good heart and protects her family. But how will she react when she learns Ridge has kicked Hope off the property?

Steffy, in the meantime, has no right to tell Liam to get his wife to dump her father back in the gutter. Her dad isn’t the standup guy she thinks he is. Also, Bill has done some batshit crazy things too.

Liam needs to think about Hope’s wants and needs rather than listen to his ex-wife drone on about how she wants Finn to have no contact with Sheila and what a loser Deacon is. Yes, his father-in-law has wronged him, but he needs to look at Bill’s history before criticising Deacon.

Bill is relentless. He always has been and always will be. What’s more, is he has called three women the loves of his life. Though, he cannot make his mind up as to who he wants. No wonder Liam can’t choose between Hope and Steffy. He has thrown Ridge out of a helicopter, attempted to cover up Vinny’s death, plotted with Steffy to get Liam to marry her. The list is never-ending.

Sheila Needs To Quit While She’s Ahead

Let’s back to Sheila for a moment. She doesn’t know when to quit and thinks she deserves to be a part of Finn’s life. She’s one of these people who never change. Carter doesn’t deserve anything. Attempting to kill Taylor and Stephanie multiple times and then robbing Steffy and her siblings of their mother, as we’ve mentioned, shows how insane she is.

Also, her other children want nothing to do with her so that is saying something massive. She appears to forget that Hayes is not her only grandchild. One of her daughters has a child too. No one within the Forrester-Logan-Spencer family is going to like her and she needs to accept it.

Understandably, Finn wants to know more about his biological mother, and if she was anyone other than Sheila, it would be fine. However, she’s a nightmare, and each of his in-laws, including his father, has told him to be wary. We know this as we’ve had to hit our heads against a wall listening to the same crap of what a horrible person she is and blah, blah, blah.

Sheila v. Deacon: Who Is Worse?

It has never been a secret that Sheila and Deacon are two of the most despised characters by others in The Bold and the Beautiful. Now, we’re going to be going over which of these two is the worst.

Let’s begin with Deacon. We’ve already covered the affair with Brooke while he was married to Bridget that resulted in Hope’s conception. Then, there was the marriage to Quinn, which Hope opposed. Of course, he did, but Hope couldn’t stay mad at him. In the end, it resulted in his wife pushing him off a cliff, almost killing him.

Oh, and let’s not forget how he teamed up with Quinn to get Hope and Wyatt together. We had to dig around to find the information where Deacon teamed up with Bill to ensure their children [Hope and Liam, respectively] didn’t get married. As far as we can tell, he hasn’t threatened to kill anyone or attempted to murder someone in cold blood.

Sheila, meanwhile, has a long history with threats, blackmail, violence, kidnapping, etc. Deacon is nowhere near as bad as she is. So, if we had to choose who the first offender is, it’s Sheila.

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