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The Bold And The Beautiful: “Tomorrow Is Thomas’ Day Of Reckoning!”

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A reckoning is coming for Thomas in the form of Steffy, Hope, and Liam. Will their plan be enough to fight him off?

Thomas is going down and Hope, Steffy, and Liam will make sure of it! Beginning this week, Ridge’s precious eldest son’s plan to snag ‘the love of his life’ will come unraveled in front of his fiancée, Zoe and his family. There’s a reckoning coming and it’s going to be juicy so grab your popcorn buckets because it’s going to be awesome!

We’re talking about two weeks worth of episodes so you might want to sit down for this because it’s going to be a long one.

Thomas Manipulates Douglas To Make Hope Marry Him

It’s no secret that Douglas wants his dad and adoptive mother married so they can be a family. However, this is not what Hope wants. He likes Zoe but he doesn’t want Thomas to marry her. Also, in the promo for this week, on the day of the wedding the scheming father-of-one tells his son that he needs him to have a meltdown so Hope will marry him instead.

While we know from earlier spoilers from @hopebethspencer that Douglas does throw a massive tantrum and ends up running up the stairs, Hope follows him and ends up going back down to the wedding and stunning the guests. What is she planning and do Steffy and Liam approve of her plan? Though, we’re just happy that it won’t pull two families apart as the Beth secret did.

Steffy, Hope, And Liam Plan Thomas’ Reckoning

We never thought in a million years that Steffy and Hope would be on even ground. However, now that the kiss Thomas forced his sister to push on Liam is out in the open, it’s essential that both Spencer baby mamas team up. The reason for this is because the Forrester Creations designer is dangerous and is ruining lives.

Thomas already destroyed Ridge and Brooke’s marriage and has tried to push Liam back to Steffy she can be happy while he has Hope. Meanwhile, the whole Forrester family is blind to the golden boy’s machinations while Brooke and Quinn are not.

As for Steffy, she’s not blind to her brother’s schemes as she has called him out on it a few times in the past couple of episodes while she defended him before that when she didn’t know what was going on.

Liam has been saying from the beginning that Thomas has wanted Hope since he returned to LA. Him teaming with his two baby mamas is the ideal way to show those naysayers that he was right.

Thomas’s reckoning is going to be sweet to watch and to see Steffy, Liam, and Hope team up to expose him is going to be rich. It would show Ridge and anyone else who believes Thomas is a changed man that he isn’t.

Zoe’s Broken Heart

We’ve seen the promo and Zoe looks uncomfortable at the altar standing with Thomas and it looks like he doesn’t want to be there either unless he’s remarrying Hope. By the time this is over, she’s going to be left broken hearted.

While a lot people would say Hope is being naive to the fact that Thomas is using Zoe and has changed, she can see he’s manipulating Douglas and scaring him into thinking he’ll lose his new mother. This is just cruel and even Zoe can see that, but she’s not willing to consider the possibility that her beloved Thomas hasn’t changed.

This is evident when Carter tells her that she can do better than Thomas. It’s not the first time he’s done this. When Zoe tells him that she and her bae have moved the wedding up, he goes into shock.

We know her heart is going to be shattered. Who wants to learn at their own wedding they were just a pawn? It’s only a matter of time before we see Zoe’s reaction. God, we hope she has a massive meltdown! It will probably put her off getting married for real. We know she wants to marry a Forrester deep down.

Hope To Shock Wedding Attendants

Okay, so we know Steffy, Liam, and Hope plot to bring Thomas down, but what is it that Hope does to shock everyone present? We know she and Liam are engaged… again. Furthermore, we suspect this might be one of the surprises the trio have in store. However, when Douglas has a meltdown, his mother goes after him. When she returns, she stuns everyone. Could she be wearing the wedding dress Thomas designed for her?

If this is the case then we’re looking at one hell of a showdown. If Hope walks down the aisle in the dress, it would be enough to Thomas to think he’s won. The looks on the faces of the everyone in the room, including Zoe’s is going to be downright priceless.

The only people who know of Thomas’ plan are Quinn, Steffy and probably Shauna. We also know Brooke and Bill don’t buy into Thomas’ crap either, though they don’t know what his plan is. If spoilers are any indication, Hope will give her adoptive baby daddy a piece of her mind. We can also see Ridge’s face as she lays into him for using Douglas and Zoe to get to her.

Will we see Ridge stand up and tell her she’s lying? Maybe. However, he knows Hope well and knows she would never lie about something this big. Remember when Thomas wanted sex in exchange for giving Hope custody of his son? Ridge was fuming when he found out about this.

However, everyone worships Steffy and they’ll listen to her if she has to step in and reveal her brother hasn’t changed. This will not go down well with Ridge and he’ll likely question why Thomas would do such a thing and then lie to everyone and use Zoe to make Hope jealous.

Will Thomas Do Another Runner?

The last time he got busted, Thomas did the world’s shortest runner. He disappeared to Vinny’s apartment where Hope called him to tell him that their marriage was over even if it had been only a couple of weeks. They never slept together in that time, despite how much Thomas pushed for it and it was enough to have the marriage annulled. However, what will happen this time?

Will Thomas run out of the room the second his lies are exposed? Apparently not. There’s spoilers running around on some spoiler websites that say Zoe will go to him after the wedding fiasco, begging to be a couple again.

Will Zoe Wake Up To Thomas’ Schemes Before It’s Too Late?

Brooke and Steffy are going to try and talk Zoe around, but it’s not going to work. The model is too caught up in the heat of her fairytale romance with the handsome Thomas Forrester to realise that she’s being duped. While we still don’t feel sorry for her after everything that happened with her dad going to prison, no one deserves what’s going to occur.

While we hate what Zoe did with Beth, she does NOT deserve this. She wants to desperately believe Thomas is over Hope. Though, will she consider what Steffy and Brooke tell her? Given she gets down the aisle and insists she and Thomas finish their vows when Douglas throws his tantrum, she looks so awkward in the footage in the promo and the image above.

Looking at the way she is standing, she looks stiff, like she wants to cling onto Thomas for as long as she can. If speculation from the Inquistr is any indication, Zoe will be left with doubts. However, she might think it’s just pre-wedding jitters and that it’s nothing to worry about. This will lead to annoyance from Carter who is officiating the ceremony. We would love for him to object, but something tells us he won’t in fear of pissing off Ridge or Thomas.

Thomas’ Reckoning Promises Anger And Glee

Basically, the already mentioned Inquistr article states that there will be two angry women (Hope and Zoe) and a rather gleeful audience. While we’re excited to see it, we hope there’s cake involved. The last time a wedding went off that wasn’t a sham was probably Hope and Liam’s previous wedding where Taylor was Steffy’s plus one and there was a cake fight between her and Brooke. Now, as funny as that was, it probably won’t happen in this scenario, as much as that pains us.

The anger is totally justifiable. Thomas wronged a lot of people just to get what he wanted: the perfect life with Hope. He knew he could pull the wool, so to speak over his father’s eyes because he wants to see the best in his son. He also manipulated his dad and Brooke to break up. Does he forget about his half-brother, RJ? Anyway, it’s going to be one hell of a ride as Ridge realises his innocent son hasn’t changed.

We can just see the anger and the disbelief in Ridge’s eyes as he realises Brooke and Liam were right. Though, we can see Liam, Brooke, and Bill cheering from the sidelines. That within itself sounds glorious and we cannot wait to see what happens in the aftermath of this massive mess Tommy Boy has created for himself.

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