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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sheila Is NOT Finn’s Mother!


Sheila was so desperate that she believes now has an IN with the Forresters because Finn is biologically her child…

Li Finnegan is Finn’s mother. It’s as simple as that. Sheila is a complete stranger who birthed him. She is not his mother in any way, shape, or form. The Finnegans raised Finn as their own and love him. Sheila cannot get that through her head. Last week, when she showed her face for the first time in years, she told the Finnegans that if it weren’t for her, they wouldn’t have their son at all.

The Finnegans don’t owe Sheila ANYTHING. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. While we understand that Finn wanted to know his birth mother, he should listen to what the Forresters and his parents tell him. Sheila is dangerous. Like Steffy told him, she shot Taylor and for years, she and Thomas thought their mother was dead. There is no way in hell anyone who was present would let Sheila near Hayes. She is not his grandmother. Li is. She is the only mother Finn has ever known.

Li loves Finn unconditionally and has since the moment she and Jack held him for the first time as a baby. Sheila was never there for him. She has no right to demand anything. As it has been pointed out by Brooke, Sheila has always been OBSESSED with the Forresters. She was married to Eric who has come to regret his decision and she despised Stephanie for being with the man she wanted. There were also multiple attempts on the matriarch’s life by the madwoman.

Is Sheila Trying To Recreate Her Rivalry With Stephanie But With Her Rival’s Granddaughter?

Stephanie was a formidable force who never took any crap from anyone and neither does Steffy. Sheila will do basically anything to be Finn and Hayes’ lives but she has to go through her new ‘daughter-in-law’ first and she knows it.

Steffy is a lot like her grandmother and Sheila is well aware of this. She has already played on Finn’s heartstrings twice. Just the wicked smiles and the evil cackling alone are enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. Sheila hasn’t changed. Not even in the slightest. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. A restraining order isn’t going to prevent her from getting close to Finn and Hayes.

We know that when Stephanie was alive, she did everything in her power to prevent Sheila from getting close to her family. Especially after Taylor was ‘killed’ and Steffy and Thomas were robbed of time with their mother for all those years. Then, there was when she held Ridge at gunpoint when he was played by Ronn Moss. She also switched Brooke’s paternity results to make it look like Ridge was Bridget’s father, not Eric.

That is no different from what Vinny tried to do with Steffy’s paternity results. He wanted Thomas to have Hope so he made it look like Liam was Hayes’ father, not Finn. Sheila is definitely trying to recreate her former rivalry with Stephanie but with Steffy. However, the difference is, she’s not trying to steal Steffy’s husband the way she tried to take Eric from Stephanie.

She’s trying to turn Finn against his wife so she can have access to him and Hayes.

Reactions Of Others

Various other characters have reacted violently to Sheila’s return to Los Angeles. Those include Paris, Hope, and Liam.

These three don’t have the same history with Sheila as the others do. However, Hope knows a lot of what went on because Brooke had told her stories over the years.

Hope had to fill the blanks in for Liam who knew some things but not a lot. She told him that the whole reason Sheila became ingrained in their family is that Sheila was obsessed to the point she sent Rick’s babysitter to the hospital and switched their mother’s paternity results to make it look like Ridge was Bridget’s father, something we’ve already mentioned.

Paris, meanwhile, had to be told what was going on because she was having ‘private time’ with Zende when Sheila showed up.

Two others we have to talk about are Katie and Donna. For years, they weren’t on the scene most of the time Sheila was around, but they know the stories and for the past week, they’ve been talking about it. Donna even cuts a photo of the she-beast and Eric in half. Little do they realise, Sheila was back on the scene as they were talking about it.

Sheila Thinks The Forresters Wronged Her

Every time Sheila resurfaces, she says she’s changed. Everyone knows she hasn’t. She also blames the Forresters for wronging her. No. She wronged them. Everything she has done has been of her own making. Everyone else has been fighting back against what she has done.

In the end, it will be up to Finn to decide whether Sheila is even worth it. If he chooses her over Steffy and Hayes, then he’s going to lose his marriage and his son before his married life has even started.

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