First Look Photos For Stargirl Season 3! Sylvester Trains Courtney While Paula And Barbara Bond Over Baking

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Train or die. We’re three weeks away from Stargirl Season 3. We’ve been spoilt this week with a taste of what’s to come. We mentioned in an article yesterday regarding the unconfirmed episode names and the new poster that we needed stills, and guess what? We got some. Entertainment Weekly dropped a handful of images from the first two episodes. Now, we’re not going to be posting the photos here, but if you want to see them, please go to the EW article linked above.

Now, most of them have Sylvester in them, except two. However, we will share what these images contain. Note that this article does contain spoilers. For more Season 3, check out our trailer breakdown, our thoughts on Cindy being a member of the JSA, and our view on the poster and unconfirmed episode titles.

1. Sylvester, Courtney, Barbara And Mike (+ Cosmo)

In the first image, we have Sylvester with Cosmo in hand while in conversation with Courtney while Mike and Barbara watch on. Cosmo is only partly lit up, which could be something that Sylvester will train Courtney to master. Every time the staff and Courtney have worked together, it’s either been fully lit or deactivated. There’s been no in-between.

However, Sylvester said last season that the staff does things for Courtney that it never did for him. So, this could be one of those things. Also, notice the image is dimmed with the light coming from Cosmo being the only light in the room.

2. Sylvester And Cosmo Train In The Backyard

Image two is Sylvester and Cosmo in the backyard in a fighting stance. This could be where Sylvester teaches Courtney something she didn’t know Cosmo could do.

3. Courtney, Sylvester, Cosmo and Random Dude

So, this next one is Courtney, Sylvester, Cosmo and some random dude whose face we can’t see. We’re not sure who the guy is, but we have two guesses. It’s either Richard Swift/The Shade, or it could be Todd Rice, Jennie’s brother. We know he’s coming into the show, and given Courtney is holding the staff, it would be someone familiar with the JSA or at least the staff.

Also, Courtney is smiling, so whoever the dude is, he’s not a threat. It’s doubtful that it’s Crusher and it’s not Pat.

4. Pat And Sylvester

Next up, we have Pat and Sylvester together again! There’s not much to talk about here outside of the beard factor. Luke Wilson with a beard is not something we would’ve thought would happen on this show. Joel McHale, yes. But we’re not complaining.

5. Yolanda, Courtney, and Beth

The second last image is Yolanda, Courtney and Beth in their super suits. Beth is in the background, so she’s a bit hard to see. Given their faces, it looks like they’re witnessing either the murder that will need solving or seeing whoever is dead.

6. Barbara and Paula Bond Over Baking

The last of the images in the EW article is Barbara and Paula (Tigress) bonding over baking. Now, this is huge for a couple of reasons. One, this counters what Paula told Jordan in Season 1 on how she hated Blue Valley’s bake sales. Point number two is that she and Barbara are getting along.

Last season was funny because Paula tried to kill Courtney and Barbara several times. Also, their [Barbara and Paula] husbands, Pat and Crusher, already have a frenemy relationship. Oh, and they have zero in common. However, Barb and Paula bonded over having stubborn teenage daughters.

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