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Promo material is coming out left, right, and centre for Stargirl Season 3. we’re three weeks away from Stargirl Season 3’s premiere, and we’ve been getting a ton of promo material in the lead-up. So, we thought we’d review the poster and episode titles we’ve gotten. Then, we’ll briefly review what some of the stuff could mean for the show. This post does contain potential spoilers.

Poster Highlights The Murder Mystery

So, let’s look at the poster.

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

So, this poster is a bigger version of the one released yesterday. On the previous one, all we got was Courtney with Rick, Yolanda, Beth, and Cindy. However, on this larger poster, we get additions. So the clearest ones we can make out are Pat, Barbara and Cameron. Mike and Sylvester also appear on this poster but are much harder to see.

What we didn’t notice in the previous one is the background. The images of the other characters are on old television screens. When we first saw the first poster, we thought the characters were on polaroids. Also, if you’ve seen any form of murder mystery, you’ll recognise that the background behind the tv screens is done like a murder board. If you’ve seen Only Murders in the Building or even the iCarly reboot episode, ‘iHate Carly’ the murder board is a prop that appears in both those shows.

The Episode Titles

The second thing we wanted to go over is the episode titles. We’re back to having actual episode names rather than “Frenemies: Chapter_”. We’re hesitant to include these because of where the information came from. Only three episode titles are one-hundred per cent confirmed. The others aren’t just yet.

So, the first episode will be called The Murder. We know the season will focus on the murder mystery genre. Last season was the horror genre. So, we assume that the first episode will see the crime committed, and it takes the entire season to resolve it.

Two other confirmed titles are Infinity Inc Part One and Infinity Inc Part Two. This was confirmed a while ago by the Stargirl Aftershow Podcast on Twitter. So, we know three of thirteen. This leads us to the unconfirmed titles.

The unconfirmed titles, as per Full Circle Cinema, include:

  • The Suspects
  • Extortion
  • Evidence
  • The Thief
  • Betrayal
  • Monsters
  • The Murderer
  • Bullying
  • Last Will and Testament of Sylvester Pemberton
  • Reckoning

Some of these sound mundane like they were made up on the spot. We won’t know if these titles are accurate until more promo material comes out.

Could Promo Material Reveal More?

As we’re only a few weeks from the premiere, promo material could give us an expanded look at how the season may work regarding its structure. Also, some of the unconfirmed titles could be misleading. For example, if the second-last episode is titled “Last Will and Testament of Sylvester Pemberton”, this might not be what we think it means; it could mean that Courtney is the rightful wielder of Cosmo.

Naturally, we would assume that Sylvester is the victim. However, the episode title might mean something else, such as a look at what happened when he “died” at Icicle’s hand in Season 1’s prologue. The world thought he was dead after that fight until he appeared at the end of Season 1.

Also, “Monsters” could relate to anyone. The Mahkents instantly spring to mind, given their powers. They could also tie into “Betrayal” if Mike’s involvement in Jordan’s death comes out and Cameron sees Courtney betraying him because she kept the truth to herself. Other possibilities include Todd Rice and Cindy Burman.

“The Thief” could relate to Steven Sharpe/The Gambler as he is known to trick people out of their money.

What Promo Material Is Next?

So, we need to talk about other promo material we haven’t gotten yet. First, we’ll likely get updated main cast photos, including Paula and Crusher as part of the main cast this season. Sylvester might even get one, given his role as Courtney’s mentor.

We may even get another trailer, given the length of the last one was only a minute longer but gave us a lot of content. Finally, we could also get synopsises for the first couple of episodes and stills from said episodes.

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