Elseworlds: Super Baby On The Way For Lois And Clark

The House of El lives! The Elseworlds crossover conclusion delivered the news a Super baby is on the way for Lois and Clark.

 Introducing Lois Lane in this year’s Arrowverse crossover came with an unexpected twist in the Supergirl hour. It turns out Lois is pregnant. Yeah, you read right. Lois and Clark are expecting a half-Kryptonian child. So we’re getting a Super baby added to the House of El. Also, Lois is no stranger supers. This has to be the greatest thing since Winn.

We’re on board! Sure, the elder members died when Krypton exploded, but that doesn’t mean it can’t include Jonathan Samuel Kent.

Surprise! Or not. We only know Lois is pregnant, and the baby is half-Kryptonian. From what she and Clark imply, the baby’s conception happened on Argo. It’s the safest place for Lois as it’s away from the yellow sun. Also, since Clark is the child’s father, his genes overpower Lois’s human ones.

Can you imagine what Lois’s dad will say when he discovers his first grandchild is half-alien? He will be beside himself when Clark and Lois announce their engagement. Oh, did I mention Clark proposed? Oops! I wonder what Lucy would say to having Superman as a brother-in-law.

I say “surprise or not” because we mightn’t get Jonathan Samuel Kent. The child Lois carries could become Jon Lane Kent, who has a tragic backstory. He died when he was four, and his parents went MIA to escape the grief. Though, I doubt the writers of Supergirl would take that route.

I’m sure there’ll be mentions of Lois, Clark, and the baby in episodes of Supergirl to come. Kara may visit them on Argo, or they visit Kara in National City. Though, we will have to wait and see what happens as the series is about Supergirl and not Superman. Also, could Super baby be part of a potentially dark spin-off? Could we explore the concept of Clark being a twin in a Superman series? Maybe. Could we get something where there are twins born and one goes dark? Another possbility.

Supergirl returns for its Season 4 mid-Season premiere in January 2019.

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