Elseworlds: Was Clark About To Tell Kara He Wanted To Propose To Lois?

Lois and Clark are such an iconic DC Comics couple. Though, did anyone get the vibe (no pun intended) that Clark wanted to propose?

 First off, can we just say that Bitsie Tulloch was amazing as the intrepid reporter, Lois Lane in The Flash episode of Elseworlds? What caught my attention is a moment between Clark and Kara. In the moment, where it seemed Clark intended to propose to Lois.

I’ve loved Supergirl since I watched the first season on DVD. When Clark came into the mix, I was okay with it considering Superman was never my favorite character. In my eyes, Tyler Hoechlin is the best Superman. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he’s a lot of fun. He also has a shine that is hard to ignore as well and it makes it easy for the audience to identify with him.

What I love most about Hoechlin’s portrayal of Supes is he relies on Kara for stories about Krypton. We know Kara is older than him and he was only a baby when he got sent off-world with her by his parents.

We see Kara and Clark sitting in the truck talking. I got this feeling he wanted to ask her advice. When I say advice I mean proposing to Lois! We don’t know how long Clark and Lois have been together. From what we heard in Supergirl Season 1, Sam Lane disapproved of Clark and his ties to Superman. It’s uncertain if Sam realised Clark and Superman were the same man.

Given how close Clark and Kara are, I wouldn’t be surprised if Clark pulls her aside. Kara, being the supportive cousin she is, will tell him to follow his heart. She’d tell him she loves him and will support him.

In conclusion, fingers crossed Clark proposes in the Supergirl episode. Last year, we got two weddings and a funeral.

Night two of the Elseworlds crossover airs tomorrow on The CW.

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