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Is Prince Harry A Closeted Misogynist? – OPINION

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Meghan Markle can claim that her halfwit hubby, Prince “My Love” Harry is a feminist all she likes, but does she know about his womanising antics? This piece was inspired by a tweet from Tourré Bakahai, who rightfully points out that the former Playboy prince does not have the greatest relationship with women. There’s another tweet that says he’s a closeted misogynist.

I’m not saying this to be cruel. Despite claiming to be a girl dad, which he’s not, Harry doesn’t know how to treat women probably. His mother died before she had the chance to teach him how to treat the opposite sex properly. It’s hard to tell how he ended up being an alleged misogynist because he has been around women his entire life.

Harry’s Once-Close Relationships With Women

Harry had a once close relationship with his cousin, Eugenie and his sister-in-law, Catherine. However, those ties have been severed for a while. With Eugenie, there appeared to be tension between her and Meghan at the Queen’s funeral. The same can be said for Harry’s relationship with Jack and Eugenie. Meanwhile, his relationship with Catherine died when Meghan started terrorising her staff, and he would back his wife, who he had only known for a short time, whereas he had known Kate for years.

There has been plenty of rumours that Harry used to rough up sex workers while he was in the army. How true that is is unclear. There is even a rumour where allegedly one woman was so severely wounded that she wanted to go public, but no story has ever surfaced.

Then there are also the stories from Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, where they allege they couldn’t remain with Harry because he was paranoid. He claims there were paparazzi in the bushes when there weren’t.

As much as Chelsy and Cressida loved Harry, his behaviour got too much for them. Also, neither of them wanted to be trapped in the royal fishbowl.

The Older Woman And The Misogynist Comes Out

In Harry’s “memoir” Spare, he mentions losing his virginity to an “older woman.” However, the woman came forward and said she was only two years older than Harry and that he ghosted her after their fling behind the pub.

Then there was the treatment that Harry subjected Angela Kelly to. He was horrible to her during the planning of the 2018 wedding as he believed she was not obeying what he and Meghan wanted, as opposed to doing her job, which was to uphold what the Queen required of her. After all, Ms Kelly’s loyalty was to the monarch, not to Her Majesty’s grandson, who refuses to listen to reason.

Finally, we get to how Meghan treated the female staff like utter trash, and Harry didn’t stop her. She is just as much a closeted misogynist as her husband is. She’s not for empowering women. She wants to bring down anyone who doesn’t believe in her ideals. With Harry, he never had the right people around him to say, “Hey, your behaviour with women is not okay.” His grandparents, father, brother, his entire family couldn’t hold his hand 24/7.

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