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Meghan Markle’s Desperation Is Real – OPINION

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It’s been a few weeks since Meghan Markle has been seen in public. However, as usual, she has been in the media almost daily. This time, she confirmed royal letters between her and King Charles III after the Oprah Winfrey interview. Also, she and her hapless hubby were seen at a Lakers basketball game. Oh, and she appeared via video at her buddy Misan Harriman’s TED talk.

We’ve had tipoffs for a while that royal letters exist. Meghan, however, went straight to the Telegraph in the UK with the scoop. Okay, here’s what I don’t get. I thought she and Harry were complaining about the royal rota and the British media being parasites on society.

In an article in the Telegraph, which happens to be in the royal rota and is Sussex-friendly, there was this whole thing about how Charles reached out to her in royal letters. She said the family carried “unconscious bias”, but the person who questioned Archie’s skin tone, they allegedly agreed, wasn’t being racist, but she considered it racist.

That section of the article about the comment not being racist, but Meghan considering it is racist, was cut from one of the five revisions. Sue Smith mentioned it in her last video.

First up, we have Meghan’s appearance in the TED talk video. What pearls of wisdom could she possibly give? Does she know anything about photography? No, she introduced Harriman to the stage and had the nerve to mention “family.” The woman doesn’t believe in the concept. First, she had her biological family. She dumped them. After this, she had the Engelson family before she unceremoniously divorced Trevor. Then she had the Suits family before proceeding to leave them. Finally, she had the royal family before she accused them of racism. She did everything in her power to isolate and corrupt Harry against them and then forbade their two toddlers from having any connection with their wider family. I could go on, but I’d be here all day.

The one thing that caught people’s attention is how different Meghan looks… again. Some have suggested she’s trying to emulate Catherine for some weird reason. Oh, wait. She’s jealous of the Princess of Wales and has to copy her looks and attempt to look better than her, but again, she fails because nothing she ever does will ever be at the same level as Kate. Why? Because Kate will someday be Queen, and Meghan won’t and will remain a duchess.

So, very recently, a non-story came out where Meghan and Harry were spotted at a Lakers basketball game. Harry, I understand being at the game as he’s been involved in sports all his life and wheelchair basketball is played during the Invictus games.

Meghan is not sporty. She has never spoken about sports and has never shown any interest. Hitting a volleyball or a netball during an engagement doesn’t count. Any person could do that. However, Meghan’s Mole pointed out something interesting on Twitter. In the images at the Lakers game, one of Meg’s lawyers, Rick Genow, was present. This is fascinating because another person compared it to when Jennifer Annison and Brad Pitt went on holiday before they announced their divorce.

I do NOT believe that the Lakers game appearance means a divorce is coming. Meghan is not done milking and destroying Harry. Not by a long shot.

Finally, I wanted to address the royal letters before signing off on this article. Meghan doesn’t know when to give it a rest. She got what she wanted by leaving and taking Harry with her. I do not believe that the palace leaked the story to the Telegraph. Why? Because they have nothing to gain from it. Also, why would they drop the information so close to the coronation? Also, it’s old intel.

Who cares about a letter exchange that happened years ago? Apparently, Meghan did and was trying to get people to sympathise with her. Sorry, Megs, but this isn’t working for you. The public in every country you have criticised is against you, including the United States. They, like everyone else, find you annoying and tone-deaf.

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