Jason And Travis Kelce Talk About Meeting Prince William And His Children At Taylor Swift Concert

Jason Travis

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce and his brother, Jason, spoke about their experience meeting Prince William and his two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte on their podcast, New Heights.

The brothers were in attendance at the London leg of Swift’s Eras Tour and met Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte backstage. Taylor and William have been friends for over a decade after meeting at an event where they sang with Bon Jovi.

Jason and Travis said they were very impressed with how down-to-earth, William, George and Charlotte were. Not to mention, they admitted on their podcast that they’re Americans who don’t know anything about royals. They were, however, very respectful and they had great admiration for how the children were being raised.

Both brothers said they were told before William and the children arrived how to respond.

Jason and Travis said they had no idea what to do. But they understood from what they were told that they didn’t have to bow as it was not an official royal event. Jason, who is a father to three daughters, said (as per 9 Honey) that Princess Charlotte was “adorable”. He added she asked a lot of questions. He also said that “she had this fire” to her.

What’s great about this is that Jason and Travis went into the meeting knowing only what Taylor Swift had told them. That was it.

Meghan Markle Does Not Speak For All Americans and Jason And Travis Kelce Proved That

Like most Americans, they don’t care about the monarchy. But they showed respect because of Taylor’s association with them. Jason and Travis also had no opinions before the meeting because they hadn’t met William or his children. It’s unlikely that they listen to the news and all the BS Harry, Meghan and their followers put out there.

Not to mention, the Sussex Squad were not happy because Taylor chose Team Wales over Team Sussex. The Sussex cronies, (thanks, Nancy Sidley on Twitter!) took it a step further and called Swift ‘racist’.

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