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What Meghan Wanted The World To Think About Her Versus The Truth


I’m of two minds. Either Meghan Markle is ignorant that the world doesn’t like her, or she’s aware and is just choosing to believe everyone loves her. Whatever the case, she still hasn’t realised that her crowning moment isn’t coming. Meghan’s obsession with her title is second to none.

Meghan wants the world to see her as the perfect princess who truly wants to work for the monarchy. However, she has fallen through the Chicken Little Paradox and cannot be pulled back through the wormhole. More or less, the damage is done. The former Suits actress is a player; someone believes they are above everyone else around them.

As I’ve said before, Meghan should’ve taken inspiration from Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Like Markle, the future Queen Consort of the Danish monarchy is a foreigner who married into the family. However, the most significant difference is that Mary had to learn a different language upon marriage to Crown Prince Frederik. Also, she had to give birth to a royal heir, Prince Christian.

Meghan did not have that pressure. She would never be Queen, yet she didn’t want to see that. Because she is so deluded, she doesn’t see the larger picture as she will never be critical of the monarchy. Being biracial isn’t a crowning moment, and it never was. That moment was taken by Lady Davina Windsor when she married and later divorced Kiwi Gary Lewis. They share mixed-race children.

Markle can screech to her equally as self-obsessed friends all she wants, but she is not exceptional. No one in the royal family is. Much of the world does not care about the rich or Meghan’s struggles with being wealthy. All she cares about is having her crowning moment of being in charge. Why? She has never been given the official responsibility of being a leader.

Being the monarch in England is no small feat. But, of course, you don’t go out to grand parties wearing tiaras every night. But, as Sue Smith mentioned in her new video, Princess Anne told Meghan that she had to work as a royal. This ultimately led to Meghan walking out of the conversation feeling somewhat perplexed as it was not what she was expecting.

Meghan hates that the world and the other royals are not falling at her feet like she’s a god or Princess Diana. Harry’s insistence that everyone on both sides of his family see Meghan as Diana 2.0 is the reason there is tension. Let’s not forget that he ordered William to tell Catherine she had to be “warmer” to Meghan when she [Kate] had just given birth to Louis.

The entitlement and self-importance that drips from her poison-laced fingertips make her appear thirsty and unsympathetic to those she dubs beneath her. We do not need Tom Bower’s book to tell us this. I’ve covered new revelations from Revenge if you want to check that out. The funny part about this whole mess is that Meghan believes she is Princess Diana’s reincarnation, given her obsession with her. I’ve covered this a few times, so that I won’t go over it in detail again.

Tom Bower backs up what the entirety of the Megxiteer community has been saying for years. Harry has not resolved his trauma over losing his mother and wants Meghan to feel the void Diana left. Moreover, his need to compare his wife is partly his fault, and Meghan doesn’t help matters by demanding people treat her as they did Diana.

Diana was a complex woman. She had her struggles. William has embraced this fact and decided to go to the people that knew her best. Harry, meanwhile, remains with the media narrative, though he “hates” the press. If he hates them so much, why is he feeding them stories? It doesn’t matter in the long run. His crowning moment will be when he wakes up realising for five years; that he has been played by a con artist who has drained him.

Meghan might think she is a charitable, kind and compassionate woman, but she’s not. Just because she gives a staff a drink of water doesn’t mean anything. There is an immense pattern that refuses to go away. Even Tom Bower picked up on it. She befriends people, uses their influence, and then discards them. Her victims range from her own family down to her exes.

Donating a box of allegedly rotten vegetables is not charitable. This goes hand-in-hand with wearing thousands of dollars worth of luxury goods to a school in which underprivileged children attend. Meghan could have done so much good for people. However, her need to be on top of the totem pole shows her exactly what she is. A social climber with zero morals except for those with less than she has. She did less than the bear minimal as a royal.

Princess Anne was correct on all fronts; Meghan could not last as a royal. However, as the Queen and Prince Philip’s only daughter, she understands what it is like to have to stand behind men. She has three brothers, two of whom she walked behind as this is how it worked for decades before Prince George’s birth.

Meghan didn’t understand that royal women were not equal. She had to stand behind the Queen, Camilla and Catherine as they were more significant than she was. Camilla and Catherine will both up in status, given their husbands will both be kings. Meghan doesn’t get that luxury.

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