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Meghan Markle Is Angelica Pickles

Meghan Markle Angelica Pickles

Former actress Meghan Markle has been compared to many real and fictional individuals over the years. These include Princess Diana, Ariel, Jasmine and Wallis Simpson. Though where does Angelica Pickles fit in with Meghan Markle?

For those who don’t know, Angelica Pickles is a character from the 1990s Nickelodeon animated series, Rugrats. She is the cousin of the lead character, Tommy Pickles and his little brother, Dil. Angelica is also the resident bully of the group, which brings us to our comparison with Meghan Markle.

The Similarities Between Angelica Pickles And Meghan Markle

Oddly, there are a few similarities between Angelica Pickles and Meghan Markle. Both are classed as the mean, manipulative girl who tries to hoodwink those around them to get what they want.

For example, Angelica screamed the house down when her father decided to give her old toys to Tommy. Before this happens, she makes Tommy believe he will disappear if his parents give his old stuff to Dil. To make the lie more believable, she tells him about their friend Susie’s ‘sister’, Yvonne, who ‘disappeared’ after Susie and ‘Yvonne”s parents gave her stuff away.

Tommy, being much younger than Angelica, believes her. So does his best friend, Chuckie, who thinks he’s disappeared because his glasses are dirty.

Susie Calls Angelica Out And Examples Of Meghan’s Lies

When Susie finds out what has been said, she instantly realises what Angelica has done and calls her out for lying. Moreover, when you look at Angelica Pickles and Meghan Markle, they have two favourite things; lying and manipulation.

Meghan is called out for her lies daily. When she was a no-named actress on Suits, no one cared to call her out because she was a nobody who didn’t have the talent or the prestige to keep her name in the media. However, when she did become a household name, people were easily fooled by her claims. As time has worn on, people have realised what she is saying most of the time is a big fat lie.

One example of this is when she claimed that her mother had raised her as a single parent in a neighbourhood full of black women. We know this is a lie because her dad has photos of Meghan growing up, most of them are with him and only a handful are with her mother. This was verified by Thomas Jr and Samantha, Meghan’s half-siblings.

Only Child

Also, Angelica is an only child. Meghan is her mother’s only child, but her dad’s third child. Not to mention, being the favourite child, both Angelica and Meghan can get their parents to do whatever they want.

For a long time, Meghan had her dad twisted around her little finger. She praised him for everything. Her mother never came up unless it was necessary. With Angelica, her father, Drew, thinks the sun shines out of her rear end and that she can do nothing wrong and she can hide her behaviour. She also has a closer relationship to her father as her mother is usually working.

With Meghan, she was super close to her father as her mother was MIA for many years. She’s close to her mother now because she needs the parent that won’t expose her crappy behaviour. Thomas doesn’t stand for her behaviour, and she knows it. This is why she dumped him and got close to her mother, because Doria is more her friend, than her parent.

Another comparison is that Angelica Pickles and Meghan Markle have a group of lackeys. Angelica manipulates the babies into doing her bidding as she sees them as dumb due to their ages. Meghan has people like Omid Scobie, Christopher Bouzy and Tyler Perry to boss around.

All in all, Meghan and Angelica are spoilt brats who believe they should have only the best and blame everyone else for their problems. One example we can use for Meghan is how she wears designer duds and expects brand deals to materialise because she is the wife of a prince.

Angelica, meanwhile, has to act like she is the best thing since cookies were created.

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