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What Does Meghan Markle Have Against Women Of Colour?

Meghan Markle appears to have an issue with women of colour. Yes, we know she identifies as a woman of colour herself, but she never used to. Most of her life had her being a white girl in a white neighbourhood. Though, she wants the whole world to believe her mother raised her surrounded by fierce black women.

Okay, well, why is Meghan so uncomfortable around women of colour? For those won’t know what we’re talking about, at the last polo event Markle attended with her husband, Harry, she pulled a black woman who is the head of her husband’s charity, Senebale, away from the prince.

Lady Doi on Twitter posted the picture of Meghan pulling Sophie Chandauka, the head of Senebale, out from beside Harry. Now, this shows that there is contempt there. How? Well, Markle didn’t want another woman, let alone a black woman, standing beside her husband.

As far as we’re aware, Meghan has no connection to Senebale. Many Twitter users have raised the question of why Markle was even on the stage in the first place. She allegedly hates polo but only attends because she can merch her clothing. We cannot find the blind item that alleges this.

Anyway, then we have how Meghan took the hand of a little black girl but was kissing her own thumb. She would not let her lips touch the little girl’s skin.

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Then we have something that the Sidley twins uncovered a while ago. They did a breakdown of a Suits discussion panel where Meghan was spotted being a bitch when Gina Torres was talking about being the lead woman of colour on the show.

During this time, Meghan, as far as we’re aware, did not identify as a person of colour despite playing a mixed-race woman on the show with a white mother and a black father. As we’ve discussed before, Aaron Korsh, the Suits creator, didn’t know Meghan was biracial until after she was cast, hence the decision to cast Wendell Pierce as her dad.

Meghan, as a teenager, had an awkward relationship with her mother was barely around. There is video footage of Markle avoiding her mother at a school event. Also, Thomas and Samantha both confirmed to Tom Bower that Doria was not gentle or loving. Here’s a series of videos from Meghan’s childhood and teenage years. The stuff with Doria comes up at least a minute, thirteen seconds in.


The only woman of colour that Meghan has is Serena Williams. All her other friends or former friends are white. We’re not sure whether Janina Gavinkar counts as she rarely backs Meghan up these nowadays. Surprisingly, she wasn’t one of the people who got the scam jam.

Also, Meghan had a problem with men of colour. It was reported in one of the more recent royal books, that the late Queen Elizabeth II offered her new granddaughter-in-law her black equerry. It is reported that Meghan told someone that she rejected him because “he stuck out like a sore thumb.” What? Because he was blacker than Meghan?

This, our friends, is racist. For a person of colour, Meghan should have known better. Also, she has only ever dated and married white men.

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