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OPINION – Why Meghan Doesn’t Want To Be At The Coronation (Outside Of The Potential Boos)

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We know Meghan Markle isn’t attending King Charles III’s coronation because she’s selfish and can’t handle the likelihood of booing. That’s no secret. However, I do not believe she remains in California for Archie’s birthday. For a woman who can dish out criticism, she certainly cannot take it herself. Sorry, Squaddies, but it is the truth. Deal with it.

There have been reports that I believe that claim Catherine may have had something to do with Meghan not going. However, I do not think it has anything to do with the Princess of Wales having a say over the guestlist for the coronation. It’s doubtful that even the king had much say, even though it was his event.

In a recent interview, Revenge author Tom Bower said that Catherine didn’t want her sister-in-law there and might’ve said something about it. While I believe she might’ve had an opinion on who goes and who doesn’t, it’s not about her, and she knows that. Likewise, Meghan likely doesn’t want to face Catherine and Camilla, who are both higher in rank than she is.

Also, Meghan doesn’t want to curtsey the two women she and Harry have thrown under the metaphorical bus. Why? Because she feels she is superior to them. We know she’s not; no matter what her followers claim, the evidence is there.

Is This Karma Setting In?

Not to mention, the Royal Grift, who is fabulous and on-point in her observations, put together a video using footage I’d never seen before. Some of the footage is from the Queen’s funeral, where Meghan makes a fool out of herself and walks around the car, hoping she gets on camera. Then, the shot cuts to Princess Charlotte, who is in the car in front with Catherine, George, and Camilla, seemingly laughing at her aunt. Then it looks like her mother and grandmother tell her to stop talking.

Despite being young, Charlotte had every right to get the last laugh if that was the case. We all know the stories of how Megsy bullied her when she was a toddler, allegedly calling her fat.

Another thing I think Meghan won’t want to do is walk behind the likes of Charlotte, Anne and Sophie. After all, as I said, she bullied her niece. Also, Anne and Sophie allegedly saw through her act from the beginning. Catherine, apparently, did too.

Speaking of the Princess of Wales, the Royal Grift pointed out something interesting. At the walkabout when both the Waleses and Sussexes were together, Meghan was all but cowering when Catherine threw her a look.

The reason?

Meghan knew that she had wronged Catherine, and her sister-in-law was letting her know by giving her a non-verbal slamming with her eyes. Does Markle fear the Princess of Wales? Yeah, I believe she does. However, she also uses that to her advantage, knowing that Kate cannot fire back with a response.

Privacy Works Both Ways

Markle wants privacy, yet she doesn’t care about anyone else’s. Reading the text from “Beyoncé” onscreen during the Netflix series shows that she cannot be trusted with anything important. That entire scene was a setup to make it look like the Sussexes were “connected.” Do you know how I could tell? Harry’s poorly acted shocked reaction.

[Credit: The Times]

Also, Beyoncé is a private person, so why would she approve of her texts being publicised by the Sussexes? I see this in two ways. First, it was an act, and Queen Bee never had any contact with Meghan outside of The Lion King premiere. The second is that she never texted Meghan, and Markle just claimed she did to make it look like she was liked and connected. I said this earlier too.

New Rumours

Something I’ll cover in another post is that there is a rumour going around that the citizens of Montecito now blame Meghan for the rise in crime as she keeps flashing her wealth. Also, a journalist said that even Allison P. Davis, who wrote The Cut article, knew Meghan was a fake.

While the lady journalist doesn’t name Allison, it’s clear who she’s talking about. Finally, one last thing I wanted to bring up will, again, be in another post, is that there was a blind item that came out. This one claims that a couture house, which isn’t named, had completed an ivory-coloured gown for a royal. There were three options, with two being about Meghan and one about Queen Rania of Jordan.

I have massive respect and admiration for Queen Rania for those who don’t know. However, I’ve never gotten the vibe that Rania would upstage anyone, as one of the theories is that the dress was created for a special event. The theory was that the ivory dress, if it were Rania’s, would be worn to her son Hussein’s wedding in June. I don’t think the blind item is about her, as she knows better than to upstage the bride. In conclusion, I believe that the blind item was referring to Meghan.

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