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Operation: Snag A Prince

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Meghan Markle has an obsession with royalty. A ton of people from her past have said it. According to a November 2017 article in the Mirror, the mother of one of her former friends said she was obsessed with watching Charles and Diana’s wedding on repeat. There is even video footage from the former actress’ childhood at another child’s birthday party where she’s parading around as a princess. That’s where Operation: Snag A Prince comes into play.

It is no secret that Meghan is obsessing over her royal title of Duchess of Sussex. She bought a ton of domain names after she and Harry got together which varied between Duchess Meghan to Princess Meghan. It’s public knowledge.

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Meghan Markle’s Love Of The Media

This is the same woman who wants to create a brand where she is “Mother Earth” and smiles during a pap stroll when her father-in-law is ill. There is so much more to Meghan Markle than people think there is when it comes to her narcissism. She and Harry can say they had the ultimate love story all they want, but what do they have in common? Meghan jumps on bandwagons and loves to be the centre of attention. Harry needs the press, yet he complains about it constantly. She’s not sporty. He is.

They come from very different worlds, but they have one thing in common: they adore playing the victim. For years, people were sympathetic towards Harry because he was a young boy when his mother, Princess Diana, died. This was why people were more forgiving towards his brash actions such as falling out of nightclubs drunk, the Nazi uniform situation and hitting paparazzi.

The Diana Act

Then we have Meghan and her Operation: Snag a Prince act. She had to pretend to be a naive woman when she was well-seasoned in the world and bordering on her mid-30s. Our OPINION is that she married Harry, where Diana’s life ended. Diana died at 36. Meghan was about the same age when she got down that aisle the second time. She wanted to be the second coming of Diana.

Her former best friend, Ninaki Priddy, said in 2017 that she was unsurprised that Meghan snagged a prince as she was obsessed with the royals when they were kids. She added that Markle gets everything she wants and that the royals needed to tread carefully. Those were wise words back then. The royals now have a situation where Harry is isolated from those who genuinely care for him and he’s become a bitter husk who constantly lashes out at criticism when its warranted.

Before she even bagged Harry, Meghan was dressing like his mother. Even Cosmopolitan, usually pro-Sussex, pointed this out, though they attempted to spin it as a positive.

[Credit: Cosmopolitan]

This comparison is just one of many images you can find in Google.

Crying During Diana’s Funeral

It is noted by the Mirror that Meghan cried during Princess Diana’s funeral. Surely, she would have seen the two boys walking behind their mother’s coffin. One of which she would go on to marry 20 years later. Also, the article was written by someone in the Mirror in the United States, the UK. The story of Meghan’s devastation over Diana’s death appears in Andrew’s Morton’s book, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess.

Operation: Snag A Prince Is A Go!

Many people write Andrew Morton off as a tabloid hack who got big off writing Princess Diana’s memoir. Though, there might be some truth to it. Why? Because Meghan did a ton of research into Diana and Harry before she set Operation: Snag a Prince into motion.

Tom Bower observed in his book Revenge that Meghan had informed her then-British agent, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, that she had done her research before her first date with Harry.

Meghan Knew More Than She Let On

Also, before she created The Tig, Meghan started the blog, The Working Actress, where she spoke about sex scenes and being “the girl with the magic boobs.” This shows how great she was trying to hide that her acting career was not going as planned. Though, she tried to show her greatness a second time with The Tig where she slammed Catherine for people having “endless conversations” about her. This showed she was envious of the woman who would become her sister-in-law years before they even met. She also wrote about King Charles’ work on The Tig. She addresses him on the site as “HRH The Prince of Wales” as he was the Prince of Wales when he founded Turquoise Mountain in 2006.

Why Did The Tig Close Down? Befriending The Inner Circle

Perhaps Meghan closed down The Tig, not because she was told to but because she had to hide her royalty obsession. Just a thought.

Meghan also befriended people in Harry’s inner circle and wormed her way in that way by claiming they were mutual friends. As a royal, Harry is friends with a ton of people. Many are cut off due to their disapproval of Meghan or them not being up to her standard as what happened to the people that were in the hunting group Harry had. Tom Bower bought this up in Revenge too.


Markle looked for weaknesses to exploit when it came to Harry. His mother, mental health and abandonment issues were the three things she targeted. Harry was never abandoned in his life. He was pampered his entire life, yet he claims he was in a fish bowl. Which is it? She also exploited his closeness to his brother and sister-in-law, to whom he was once incredibly close.

While she was in pursuit of the prince, she allegedly cheated on her previous boyfriend. Though, she claimed to have been single for months before she met Harry. Hmm. Does the current hubby and the ex know that?

The Social Media Springboard

Meghan’s obsession with royalty led her to using social media as a springboard to get people to pick up on her relationship with Harry. She was wearing the same bracelets as Harry, yet when no one took the bait, she complained she was being harrassed when she wasn’t, threatening to break up with the prince if he didn’t tell the world she was his girlfriend and that the media was being racist.

She also demands that every negative story about her be correct. This is not what the royals do. They ignore it and the news disappears. That is why many royal women are respected. Meghan thought correcting every negative story would make her liked. News flash, it didn’t. Also, there was only ever shining stories about Meghan during this time. There was maybe half a dozen stories that were racist in nature based on context of the headline only.

Harry seems to fall for Meghan’s manipulation a lot and he made the point of bringing up in Spare, how many times he allegedly found his wife on the floor crying over some tiny issue. Meghan outs herself in an old video where she says she can make herself cry out of her left eye.

Honourable Mentions

There are so many other aspects to Operation: Snag A Prince that we could explore but here are a few notable mentions:

  • Faking an alleged pregnancy to get Harry to marry her
  • Bullying soon-to-be toddler niece and staff who are working to help make transition into royal life easier
  • Dress like previous American who wed into royal family
  • Made sister-in-law cry
  • Stole grandmother-in-law’s sacred nickname to for first name of daughter
  • Claims a smear campaign when called out for staff bullying
  • Claiming that the royals “are the family she never had”, which is what her ex-husband told her parents when they married
  • Wants to reconnect with sister-in-law, despite there being no closeness to begin with
  • Thinking she looks good in everything she wears, but doesn’t understand what an iron and a tailor does
  • Tries to be modest and compassionate, but doesn’t show compassion to her own family
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