Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles of Harkle: The Drama Surrounding Lili And Why People Cannot Connect With Her And Archie

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I wouldn’t say I like criticising anyone’s children, regardless of their fame. That will continue here, so please do not think I am saying anything defamatory about the Sussex children. I am only going to discuss Harry and Meghan’s behaviour. As an independent journalist, it is my right to call things out as they should be. Am I biased? Maybe a little, but the world deserves the truth of whatever the trolling duo are doing with Lili and Archie.

Now, I have no inside sources and can only base my opinions and observations on what I have seen. Do I believe Lili and Archie are cute kids? Yes, I do. As I’ve said, I will not comment on whether the children are real. Would I want to see more of them? Absolutely, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what I want.

Can The Sussexes NOT Be In Our Faces Everyday?

The only thing I would love is if the Sussexes weren’t in the news daily. They had more privacy in the UK than they do in the US. Though, we all know it was never about that at all. They want their ‘boots on the ground’, ‘running towards the struggle’ moment, as their “so-called pal”, José Andrés, said in his statement when the pair appeared on the cover of Time magazine last year. Though, I haven’t seen him defend them since. Could he have been paid to write nice things about them? Probably.

Anyway, this is not about that. Instead, we’re here to discuss Harry, Meghan and their unspoken demand that people coo over their children.

Sorry, But The World Can’t Connect With Invisible Children, AKA Lili and Archie

The one thing that annoys me about the first birthday photo of Lili is that there is no reference to her brother, Archie. He never had a third birthday photo released. Also, the image wasn’t picked up by major publications as their parents expected.

Given that they were not presented to the world outside the hospitals when they were born, the planet has better things to worry about than two children hidden in their massive house. Now, this is not a place to say whether they exist. I’m on the fence, which is as far as I will comment on this situation.

Harry and Meghan make out that they are still crucial to the monarchy when the kids are seventh and eighth in the line of succession. Of course, they’re unnecessary, but if the reaction at the Platinum Jubilee is any indication, they’ve gotten a rude awakening that saw them [H + M] flee back to Cali with their tails between their legs.

The palace has not confirmed whether Lili has met her great-grandmother. It’s apparent that it never happened if the palace doesn’t confirm anything. This also goes hand-in-hand with accounts from people working at the airports in the US and the UK that no children were seen boarding or departing the private jet. Now, this is all alleged, of course. I will not be commenting further on this.

Moreover, the world would rather comment on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine than talk about invisible children no one has seen.

Lili And Archie Are Not Important To The Line Of Succession

The Sussex Squad and the Harkles can cry all they want about Lili and Archie not having titles, but neither child is essential. The only great-grandchildren of Her Majesty The Queen with titles are George, Charlotte and Louis. Their father, Prince William, will one day be king, and the kids having monikers now makes it easier in the long run.

Archie and Lili were never entitled to have titles at birth as they were great-grandchildren, not grandchildren of the current monarch. When their grandfather, Prince Charles, becomes king, they are given princely titles. However, given their parents’ behaviour, this might not happen due to the Prince of Wales’ slimmed-down monarchy.

The drama could’ve been avoided if the situation had played out differently. If Harry and Meghan had done what they said they would and wanted to live a private life, their children would’ve been treated the same as the Cambridge kids when the time came.

Prince Charles had spoken about a slimmed-down monarchy years before Meghan arrived. How she and Harry could tell Oprah that their kids not having titles or security had to do with them being of some degree, African-American shows how self-important the couple are. It had zero to do with race and had everything to do with a longstanding protocol that has existed for over one hundred years.

Harry Should’ve Explained The Rules To His Wife

Harry should know royal rules inside and out. Yeah, well, whatever went on behind closed doors had Meghan believing that her son would get a title or security because of his colour. Also, what is nonsense about Markle not being able to get mental health assistance when she felt suicidal, which I do not believe, you know?

The idiot prince of Monteshitshow was one of the faces of a mental health charity and campaign alongside his brother and sister-in-law with HeadsTogether.

mental health; blast; credit; Lili
[Credit: The Sun]

Harry is no longer the man we all remember. He doesn’t care about the royals. Meghan fed him a BS narrative about an abusive father, no family and how she grew up poor. The man we see in the photo above is not the same mentally. He is sad and has allowed his wife to leech off him like a succubus.

Meghan exploits everyone she deems beneath her, including her children. If they exist, Archie and Lili are innocent kids with a narcissist for a mother. She can pass herself as maternal all she likes, but the public doesn’t see her as such unless the ones are commenting as pro-Sussex.

How are the people supposed to see her as maternal if we never see her with Archie and Lili? In conclusion, it appears that Lili is the golden child, as all we’ve seen or heard is about her. We haven’t seen any mention of Archie. Where is Archie?

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