Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles Of Harkle: Which Is It, Harry And Meghan? Are You In Or Out?


Will the hypocrisy of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle EVER end? I don’t think it ever will. The reason? Oh, it’s quite simple. They want the world to view them as saviors who saved people from following the wicked monarchy that contributed to Princess Diana’s death. Please, spare me from the drama! This isn’t some movie where people were indoctrinated into a cult and freed by the authorities. No, these are actual human beings with lives. The Sussexes aren’t saving anyone from anything. They’re not superheroes, though their cult following seems to think they’ve done nothing wrong in ghosting their families – who have done nothing wrong – calling everyone who doesnt agree with them racists and neglectful and so on.

The hypocrisy isn’t going to end and if I’m honest, it’s going to blow up in their faces. In just the last week, Prince Harry has announced that he is dropping a memoir in late 2022 as per the Guardian. It has been rumoured that this coincides with the the apparent rejection of a Windsor-based christening for baby Lilibet. This not the first time this has happened. Everytime the palace tells the Sussexes they can’t have something, they unleash with a revenge attack. Look at what happened with the oprah interview. That within itself is a retailation of Charles telling them they couldn’t have more money as they were financially independent. Let’s not forget that Meghan threw Kate under the bus knowing full well she was pregnant at the time of the bridesmaid dress fittings meaning she couldn’t and wouldn’t fight back given her loyalty to the family.

Moreover, the list goes on.

Harry: The Great And Hypocritical

What makes this such a telling tale of hypocrisy is the allegations that Harry will spill the beans in his memoir about his previous girlfriends. Now, this is all just rumour at the moment. Markle News on Instagram alleges in one of their posts that when the Duke of Sussex was dating Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, he had them sign NDAs. So, if he writes about them in his ‘tell-all’, he is being a hypocritical. In his eyes, they cannot speak out but he can. How is that even fair?

Chelsy and Cressida both loved him but they couldn’t deal with the constant media attention so they got out when they could. Good on them I say. Then, along came Meghan who was used to being in the spotlight as she was an actress who’d been on red carpets and in tabloids. Oh, wait. She made the claim she didn’t know about tabloids… oh, brother. Well, how does she explain these photos?

The photos above were taken on Meghan’s instructions long before she met Harry. They were taken in London as she went into a resturant. So, yeah, she DID know about tabloids. Anyway, going back to her husband, his friends have also allegedly spoken out as posted by Markle News where they allege that the pals he made at Eton and in the army, have told him not to air their dirty laundry in his book as it would ruin their reputations. Hmmm… makes me wonder what went on. However, it is not anyone’s business but theirs and Harry has no right to ruin their lives as well as his family’s.

Cannot Have It Both Ways

We all know that Harry and Meghan wanted to be half-in, half-out of the royal family. The Queen told them ‘no’. So, what do they do? They try to do it anyway but in America because Her Majesty can’t tell them what to do. This is hypocrisy of the Sussexes as they have slammed the royals time and time again but still use their titles.

Meghan used her title on her children’s book, The Bench’s cover. Meanwhile, in the statement Harry put out regarding his memoir, he said that he was writing it not as a prince, but as the man he had become. But, he signed it as ‘Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex’. Also, it has been stated that Markle is supposedly anti-royal but she has a foreign title which she uses to show people how ‘awesome’ she is and she wanted her children to have them. Though, she told Oprah that she didn’t care for titles. Umm… which is it?

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