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Meghan Markle And The Chicken Little Paradox


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have entered what I call the Chicken Little Paradox. Now, if you’re new to Chronicles of Harkle, don’t worry. This is a new concept that I’ve come up with given all the stuff coming out, thanks to Tom Bower’s new book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the war between the Windsors.

So, anyone following the Sussex trainwreck will know that Meghan and Harry are loose with the truth on a galactic scale. While I won’t be going over Revenge in this article, I will be exploring the Chicken Little Paradox, what it is and how it applies mainly to Meghan and when she tries to tell the truth.

There will not be any talk about Revenge in this post outside of references to the book.

What Is Chicken Little?

Chicken Little
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Anyone familiar with Disney may remember a movie called Chicken Little, released almost twenty years ago. The film was based on a folk tale that revolves around the consequences of mass hysteria where the main character suffers a grim fate.

However, the film has a more positive outlook on Chicken Little and his fate. Essentially, he sends his entire hometown into a state of hysteria when he claims that the sky is falling. However, it is “discovered” that an acorn has hit him in the head, much to the annoyance of the townsfolk.

With his friends’ help, Chicken Little sets out to prove that the sky is falling. However, they realise that the “sky” is part of an alien spacecraft looking for their baby, who has suddenly disappeared.

In the original folk tale, however, Chicken Little’s fate is usually the same in every version told where he is eaten. As quoted on the Wikipedia page for the story of Henny Penny, the idea of ‘Chicken Little’ and the commonly used phrase “the sky is falling” can be used for people who incite fear, regardless of intention. This could be seen as another version of “the boy who cried wolf.”

Ultimately, that is what we will be exploring with Meghan Markle.

Meghan: Mass Hysteria

secret wedding; Meghan, chicken little
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When Meghan joined the royal family, she was greatly loved by the world’s people. She was the one who would make the equally adored Prince Harry a husband and father. There was a joyous mass hysteria where the public praised her for being a diverse addition to the royal family. However, as time went on, the mood shifted drastically.

The stories of her poor behaviour towards Kensington Palace staff led to a downward spiral that is continuing today. However, the negativity started to stir like a whirlwind instead of positivity.

I believe that this is where the Chicken Little Paradox started. So, looking back, we all know that Meghan had lied about basically everything, and Harry thought her. Brittany of the Royal News Network points out in the third part of her Revenge book breakdown that Meghan complained that no staff would cook and wait on her hand and foot.

If anyone were to point out that it’s not the middle ages where servants did hand feed their masters, Meghan would probably say, “this is what staff is supposed to do.” While this is the polar opposite of the Chicken Little Paradox, I can say there is an example of where this can be used.

Meghan Is Chicken Little

Let’s imagine she decides to come clean and say that she invented the racism story regarding Archie’s skin colour. No one would believe the sincerity of the apology because of her history of lying. It’s just an endless cycle. She is not trustworthy. One example was during the Platinum Jubilee when she and Harry arrived late at Saint Paul’s Cathedral, thinking they could bag seats closer to the senior royals.

Meghan and Harry didn’t expect to be told by the usher that the Queen had ordered them to have specific seats like everyone else. Tom Bower bought this to light during a recent interview, referenced in a screenshot on Markle News on Instagram. You could see on Harry’s face that he was not happy having been put in his place. Markle, on the other hand, put on her usual fake smile.

No one was buying the fakeness of it all except her groupies, who worship the ground she walks on. As cliche as that sounds, it’s only part of their insanity. Mostly, outside of their inability to look at the facts and not judge something at face value.

I’ll go over the entirety of what my depiction of the Chicken Little Paradox is in another article.

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