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What Prince Harry Thought Marrying Meghan Markle Would Be Like Versus Reality – OPINION

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Prince Harry had many thoughts when he started dating Meghan Markle in 2016, and in reality, he believed she was “the one.” His version of his sister-in-law, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, if you will. His big brother, Prince William, could see through the actress’ act of naivety in a nanosecond.

What’s more, Prince Harry was so blinded (and still is) by lust that he dismissed every person who told him his thoughts of finding “the one” and the reality of her gold digger antics as “snobbish”, “racist”, “sexist” were warranted. Fast forward to 2024, and his popularity worldwide is in the negative figures. He is being called out left, right and centre for hypocrisy. The list goes on and on. However, he cannot understand why people despise him. He blames his brother and ailing father for everything and believes he is being unfairly treated.

Prince Harry, It’s Your Thoughts Versus The State Of Reality

No, Prince Harry. What you are experiencing right now is a little thing we call karma. The hatred towards you and Meghan has nothing to do with what you love calling “unconscious bias” or what we normal people refer to as “racism”. However, according to the University of Manchester, he is wrong and unconscious bias is the same as racism.

We want to highlight what Prince Harry thought he was getting when he married Meghan versus reality of what we’re seeing now.

Another Equal Player

Prince Harry thought reality
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Prince Harry thought that Meghan would be a team player and his version of Catherine though reality shows something different. After all, she was brunette and beautiful.

Catherine is a kind woman who puts others before herself. She doesn’t demand to be addressed formally. Her main goal is to be approachable to people, so she wants those she meets to refer to her as Catherine. Not ma’am or Your Highness or The Princess. Not Kate. Catherine.

The Reality

In reality, Meghan was nothing like Catherine. She believes she is the most famous woman in the world (she calls the paps). Moreover, she wants epople to refer to her as “The Duchess” or “Your Royal Highness” or as of recently, “Ma’am.” She is not the Queen. Only a woman with the title of “Queen” is addressed as “Ma’am.” Meghan is not Queen, only in the eyes of her fans is she “Queen Meghan.”

Meghan also twisted Harry’s mind to make him think that his older, successful brother with an actual future was jealous of him. She also made it appear that the entire royal family was “unconsciously bias” towards her because she was black, yet white passing. Though, she is racist towards The Queen’s black equerry, by claiming he “stuck out like a sore thumb.”

Let’s not forget that Candace Owens alleges that Meghan is emotionally abusive towards towards her husband.

Prince Harry probably realised that when Meghan let her guard down and revealed her true colours, that he wasn’t getting someone like Catherine. Instead, he was getting someone who had so-called traits of Diana, which were her more negative traits. Catherine, inhibits her better traits.

Also, it would’ve enabled Harry to switch to his true personality; a bitter brat who is overly jealous of his brother.

“Just Like My Mum.”

Diana Meghan
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According to Tom Bower’s Revenge, Harry sees his mother in Meghan when no one else did when they met her. No one assoicated to Princess Diana could see the late Princess of Wales in her daughter-in-law. Not Diana’s siblings or friends or even her supporters.

Harry has mentioned numerous times that Meghan has Diana’s kindness and her love and everything else that was loved about about her. However, he never knew his mother the way William did. He wasn’t even present when his parents were fighting. We know from Andrew Morton that William would push tissues under the door for Diana.

Also, doesn’t it seem odd to Harry that his wife is literally dressing and acting like his mother. We know that Meghan snagged him by wearing Diana’s favourite perfume on their first date.

Reality Speaks Volumes

In reality, Meghan is nothing like Diana. She would never drag the royal family through the mud. The only person Diana had issues with was with Charles, and perhaps, Fergie as they were still feuding at the time of her death.

If anything, Meghan has all of Diana’s negative traits, as we mentioned earlier. She cuts people out of her life if they’ve wronged her. She was notorious for her mood swings. There was a Guardian article published in 2000 based off an excerpt from a book that was written by Patrick Jephson, a former aide of Diana’s. He said she hated the family and had a cruel nickname for Prince Philip and she sent horrible messages to her staff via pager.

However, this is just one person’s version of events. Others have come out in recent years. Allegedly, the palace spent two years trying to get the book’s publication shut down but the book went ahead anyway. Also, the book is said to say that Diana’s rebelliousness was not planned and that she did it because she felt rejected; mainly by Charles. This says a bit about Meghan too. However, she set out to be rejected on purpose, whereas Diana was setup in an arranged marriage where her husband did not love her the way she wanted to be loved.

A Loving Mother

Harry, despite what you might think about him, always wanted kids before Meghan came along. Now he has two of his own, allegedly. When he married his wife, he thought that she would be a loving mother to their children, like Catherine is with her children.

However, we don’t see what Meghan is like with her children and when there is a camera on her, she’ll act lovey dovey towards the kids. Whereas, with Catherine, we see her as a mother whenever she is with George, Charlotte and Louis and it’s not because there’s a camera in her face. It is because she is a genuine person. She’s not acting for the camera and knew from the get-go how to hold a baby. Meghan didn’t even though she had nephews that she was seen with as a child.

The Camera Tells Reality

Catherine doesn’t look at the camera whereas Meghan knows where the camera is every single time, to the point it is scary but incredibly predictable. There is a rumour that she discovered one of Harry’s exes was going to be at the polo match so she grabbed Archie without a hat or any form of protection and went to the game. It could be anything and honestly, Meghan clearly hates kids and has no time for them. She hands the kids off to the nanny and only pretends to be a mother for the camera like claiming she was late to Invictus in Germany because she had to get ‘milkshakes’ for the kids. What a stupid excuse!

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