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Meghan Markle And The Princess Diana Narrative

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We’ve discussed how Meghan Markle is obsessed with her late mother-in-law, Diana, Princess of Wales. The spun PR tries to make her out to have “the Diana Narrative.” This is when Meghan’s story aligns with the late princess. Over the years, there have been plenty of indicators of how they’re trying to make the former actress appear like Diana has been resurrected. It’s scary as well as disgusting. Let the poor woman rest already!

Let’s take a look at the beginning of this travesty.

Non-Lover Of Charities

It is no secret that Princess Diana loved every charity she was involved in. She helped break many stigmas surrounding AIDs, HIV and landmines, and her work dated back at least fifteen years before she died. Meghan, however, can count her charity work on one hand. She didn’t care about charity until she devised a plan to hook Prince Harry. Sure, she donated clothes as a child, but who doesn’t do that? She only started her charity work a year or two before she met Harry, knowing full well that he and his family worked with many charities.

Even now, she bandwagon jumps between charities. It’s also been a while since she’s undertaken charity work.

Marriage To A Prince At 36 – The Same Age Diana Was When She Died And Pregnant Months After The Wedding

The one thing that has never sat right with us is how Meghan married Harry months before she turned 36; the age Diana was when she died. If this wasn’t creepy enough, Meghan fell pregnant with Archie just months after the wedding, as Diana was with William. However, with Meghan, it was an age thing, as there wasn’t an age issue with Diana.

Mental Health Challenges

Meghan claimed that being in the royal family caused her to want to kill herself while pregnant with Archie, as she was restricted from doing what she wanted, or so she claims. This is where the Diana Narrative comes in.

Diana was well known for having mental health problems. She even had an eating disorder. Then, there was the incident when she was a few months pregnant with William when she threw herself down the stairs to get Charles to listen to her, hoping a miscarriage might get him to hear what she was saying.

Meghan had no mental health problems until she got with Harry.


When Diana married Charles in 1981, she was a naive girl in her 20s. Meghan, meanwhile, was in her mid-30s, bordering on 40, when she married Harry. She also wasn’t responsible for churning out an heir to the throne like Diana.

William was second in line to the throne after his father when he was born. Archie was seventh in line to the throne upon his birth. There is a big difference.

Also, Meghan claimed she didn’t know anything about the royal family is such a lie. Andrew Morton, who wrote Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, said people told him she had a copy of his biography on Diana on her bookshelf. Her former best friend, Ninaki Priddy, told The Daily Mail that Meghan wanted to be Diana 2.0. She even said that Diana inspired Meghan’s early “charity” work.

Not to mention, Meghan mentioned William and Catherine’s wedding and a charity Charles had set up on The Tig. Also, Meghan’s claims she had to Google stuff like the British national anthem and that she didn’t have people to help her is such crap as there were so many articles about how she had attended a class in the US on how to take tea with the Queen and how she had people like Samantha Cohen to help her adjust.

Some articles said she rejected their help as she had Harry to help her.

The “Relatability” Factor

Diana was always good at connecting with the common folk. She never cared if someone was suffering from AIDs or what the colour of their skin was. She loved everyone, and Meghan’s PR people are trying to make it appear she loves the little people.

Plenty of photos and videos have shown Meghan’s hatred for non-rich people. Not enough PR fluff can cover up—the faces she makes at children behind their backs.

The recent PR blitz is to show Meghan is relatable. However, she can’t relate to the average Joe because she thinks $900 tennis shoes by Hèrmes are relatable to an event where wounded veterans earn a fixed income. Most people can’t afford that for an item we all know she will only wear once. Whatever happened to wearing Adidas or Nike?

The Car Chase

If there is one part of the Diana Narrative that Meghan’s PR wants to draw attention to, it is her relationship with the paparazzi. She claims she hates the paps, but she calls them. That has never been a secret.

That leads us to the New York City Car Chase that never happened. When the news broke after the Ms Foundation awards that the Sussexes and Doria were chased by the paps around New York for two hours, people started drawing comparisons to Princess Diana’s 1997 death, where she was “chased” by the paparazzi in Paris.

There was no chase through New York. It is bumper-to-bumper traffic 24/7. Diana was in a speeding car with a drunk driver, and the only person to survive the crash was wearing a seatbelt. It has been speculated for years that someone in Diana’s party flagged the paps down, and they started pursuing the group.

Relationship With The Paparazzi

The last thing we wanted to explore here is Meghan and Diana’s relationship with the paps. The only thing the pair have in common is the need for control over the paparazzi. Diana was well-known for calling the paps on herself, but her main issue was not getting them away when she was done with them.

Meghan constantly calls the paps and then complains about it to keep with Harry’s narrative of media intrusion as she doesn’t want to be busted for doing what she claimed she didn’t like. Even before she met Harry, she was calling the paps. This was confirmed by a pap who had worked with her.

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