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Meghan Markle And The Need To “Relate” To A-List Celebs – Part Two

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Meghan Markle has been obsessed with hitting the A-list celebs list since forever. However, her PR will have you believe she’s out partying and taking lunch with some of the biggest stars on the planet when, in reality, she’s not. Here’s the thing. When it comes to Hollywood, famous people value each other’s privacy.

Megsy is willing to leak “text messages” from Beyoncé to make it look like she has that connection when Queen Bey has not once come out to defend her publicly. As we said in part one, we do not believe there was a text, as Harry’s fake gasp was scripted like everything else in the Netflix reality series. Sorry, it was not a docuseries, as the Sussexes are not historical figures. History will forget them.

The Celebs And Their Favourite Exclusive Hang-Outs

Meghan is Hollywood savvy. We know this as she knows where the A-list celebs hang out. Remember those photos that were taken at that sushi restaurant, and the former actress and Harry walked past Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden? The media went wild and said they were all having dinner with Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband. They weren’t.

Word travels fast in Hollywood, and multiple people have worked on photo shoots with Meghan, pre-Harry, who said she was a total nightmare. Even the crews who worked with her on the Reitman’s shoots in Canada said the same thing, highlighted at length in Tom Bower’s book, Revenge.

Meghan knows where celebs are bound to hang out, as we’ve seen multiple reports that she likes going to exclusive restaurants like San Vicente Bungalows and whatnot. Let’s not forget her love of SoHo House, which is well-known for hosting prominent celebrity guests and royals. One of the most recognisable royals to associate with SoHo House is Princess Eugenie and her mother, Sarah, Duchess of York.

Meghan Wants The Tig To Be The New Goop

As mentioned in the previous post, Meghan’s The Tig is a low-grade version of Gwyneth’s Goop. She wasn’t selling Vagina scented candles or perfume or jaded eggs. We’re not denying that Meghan had followers in those days, but she wasn’t sprouting anecdotes like Gwyneth does with her brand.

There have been plenty of rumours that The Tig is coming back. We don’t know whether it is, though there has been speculation that Meghan might have acquired a deal where she gets $1m per Instagram post. However, that is not how it works. The Kardashians have millions of followers, allowing them to get over or close to $ 1 million per post. For example, Kim Kardashian has 364 million followers. Some are likely bots, but each to their own. Meghan’s alleged Instagram account, @Meghan, has 128k followers as of this post. One of the followers of this account is Mandana Dayani, who worked for Archewell.

Mandana is a pretty intelligent woman, and there is no way she would follow an account if it weren’t Meghan’s. Also, despite no longer working for Meghan and Harry, she would have some inside knowledge of what is happening.

Meghan Attempts To Relate To Black Celebs

Okay, this is where things get strange. How can Meghan, who is biracial with an African-American mother and a Caucasian father with Irish heritage, be 43% Nigerian? Well, she’s not. She needed something to relate to Archetypes guest Ziwe Fumudoh. The comedienne even asked Markle what tribe she was from, and she couldn’t answer the question.

Meghan lied to Ziwe’s face by claiming she was of Nigerian descent. Harry mentioned this at the recent opening of the Invictus Games in Germany, and there was not even one cheer. The Sidley Twins, in their reporting of the second day of the Invictus Games, showed footage of Markle with the Nigerian team, and she couldn’t even get their sporting chant right. She also looked super awkward.

The topic of the Archetypes episode featuring Ziwe was “Angry Black Woman.” When has Meghan ever been called that?

Race Examples

Here’s another example. Meghan had Oprah, a black woman, interview her and Harry about their experiences in the Royal family and then Oprah’s BFF, Gayle King, also a black woman, saying she had receipts of her abuse. However, she has not produced those receipts in the two years since that interview.

Another race example we can use is when Meghan claimed to be Maltese. However, her goal wasn’t to get her genealogy done. It was to get a free trip to Malta. Her great-great-grandmother was Maltese; come to find out, that wasn’t the case. Her great-great-grandmother was born in Malta but did not have a drop of Maltese blood. She made a similar claim that one of her ancestors had changed the family last name to Wisdom, yet actual professionals rubbished this claim when they dug into it.

How Genetics Works

Meghan believes that people will believe what she says and not look into the claims to see if she is telling the truth. She is so used to people not looking into her claims, as her lies went under the radar for so long.

For Meghan to come out and say, “I’m 43% Nigerian!” is just bullshite. Doria or Thomas must be 100% Nigerian for her to be at least 50% Nigerian. It’s impossible to be 43% of something unless something else is mixed in there, like, we don’t know, the Irish blood from Thomas’ family. The African-American side of Doria has been questioned, too. We’ve seen people say that she is mixed-raced, and her daughter is only a quarter black.

We’re unsure how much we believe; honestly, it doesn’t matter. Meghan lied about her ethnicity for years, long before she met Harry and continues to do so.

Also, a comment is that people thought she was Italian or Spanish during Meghan’s college days. She didn’t bother to correct them.

The Bimbo Trait

Meghan whinged on Archetypes that her time on Deal or No Deal was horrible because she was “objectified” for her looks and not for her brains. People were upset by this comment as models on the show came out swinging, saying the show did not objectify them and that they were there to open briefcases, not to use their brains. No one came out to defend Meghan, but they did support the host, Howie Mendel, who was a total gentleman according to the models. The girls also said there were no padding bras or eyelashes stations.

Even Whoopi Goldberg, who is as woke as they come, slammed Meghan for this comment.

Meghan needed something to relate to when she spoke to Paris Hilton, who was on the “reality” series The Simple Life with Nicole Richie. On that show, Paris acts like a bimbo on purpose, and she has openly said this. She is bright in real life and not how she portrays herself on the show.

Not being a good interviewer, Meghan tried to push the bimbo trait onto Paris, and she’s all, “I’m not a bimbo. I never was. It was a fictional portrayal.” Yet, Meghan still didn’t understand.

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