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Meghan Markle And The Need To Name Drop And “Relate” To A-List Celebrities – Part One

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Meghan Markle’s PR strategy is overly predictable. As is her husband’s. However, we’re not here to talk about him right now. Our primary focus is his wife and how she uses A-list celebrities to make it appear as she relates to them and their legions of devoted fans.

Tom Bower’s book Revenge paints Meghan as a fame-hungry attention seeker who will do virtually anything for attention. We saw this in Prince Harry’s moan-fest, Spare, where he repeatedly mentions that he would find Meghan sprawled on the floor crying.

Even before she met Prince Harry and ruined his sanity, Meghan tried to enter the A-list scene. There are countless stories of her diva behaviour and how she would copy the likes of Kerry Washington, Princess Diana and, of course, one of her favourites, Angelina Jolie.

Now that she has snagged Prince Harry and destroyed whatever mental compacity he has, Meghan is continuing to pursue celebrities, but with a new PR edge: her title of The Duchess of Sussex. However, even that seems to need fixing. No one cares about titles in America.

We don’t even care about titles here in Australia, but King Charles III is our head of state, so there is that. We’re here to discuss Meghan and her obsession with the A-list crowd.

A-List Names Meghan Has Mentioned Over The Years

Before Harry, Meghan ran The Tig, a “lifestyle brand” that was supposed to rival Goop. Except, it was a cheap knockoff. No jaded eggs. No Vagina smelling candles. Instead, she had to resort to promoting the “dreaded” Reitman’s fashion label that was exclusive in Canada.

So, a small pool of A-list celebrities that Meghan mentioned on The Tig included:

  • Emmy Rossum – who was starring on Shameless at the time.
  • Gabrielle Union
  • Ivanka Trump – before Meghan badmouthed her father [Donald].
  • Dianna Agron
  • Serena Williams – She was good friends with the tennis player before Serena was married, and Meghan flashed her nether regions at Alexis, Serena’s husband, just weeks after giving birth to Archie, her son with Prince Harry.
  • Reese Witherspoon – who rejected the wedding invite because she didn’t know Harry or Meghan.

This is just a sample. However, since she became the “Duchess of Sussex,” Meghan has ditched these celebrities for ones who are way more posh and no, that’s not a nod to the feud Meghan had with Victoria Beckham.

At one point, Meghan was obsessed with Emma Watson and wanted the same position within UN Women that Emma had. Only, she was denied. Markle even made it look like on The Tig that she was friends with Emma when all her requests to meet the Harry Potter star were rejected. Tom Bower mentions this in Revenge.

Now, Meghan is turning her sights on:

  • Beyoncé
  • Taylor Swift
  • Kelly Rowland
  • Kerry Washington – Meghan met Kerry a decade ago and then stole her style.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Benji Madden
  • Paris Hilton

Relating To Celebrities That Want Nothing To Do With Her

Meghan made it her mission during the single-season run of her podcast, Archetypes, to make it look like she related to her celebrity guests. She used the “archetypes”, which were stereotypes, because she has been called these things, and she needed celebrities who had “been through the same thing.”

Mariah Carey

For example, the Diva episode with Mariah Carey was supposed to highlight women being called divas because, in Meghan’s mind, it’s a dirty word. It also shows she lives in the 1960s frame of mind because Mariah called her bluff, which prompted Megsy baby to have a mini-stroke that her “girl crush” was calling her a diva.

Then, Mariah had to jump on Twitter and say she meant it in the nicest possible way, as she has been called a diva and embraces it as part of her brand. Also, Meghan likely wanted Mariah Carey on her podcast outside of the “diva” connection that she, too, is biracial.


Next, we have Beyoncé. Meghan has become fixated on Queen Bey since they met at The Lion King premiere. During the Meghan and Harry reality show, Meghan name-drops Beyoncé as having texted her, and then we get that fake gasp from Harry. We do not believe for a second that Beyoncé texted her. The Knowles-Carter camp is very private. They would be livid if private correspondence were leaked, which is what allegedly happened. Again, we don’t believe this for a second. Harry’s fake gasp was a dead giveaway.

Then we have the two nights at the Beyoncé concert. The second was a special birthday concert for Beyoncé, which Meghan also attended. She got a photo with Beyoncé’s best friend, Kelly Rowland and actress Kerry Washington, whom she had met a decade earlier and stole her style.

Serena Williams

It’s no secret that Serena Williams and Meghan are or were friends. Serena was at Meghan and Harry’s wedding and appeared on the first episode of Archetypes as she was known for being “ambitious,” which is what Meghan is also known to be called. Being ambitious isn’t a sin, yet she believes it holds women back. Okay, whatever floats your boat, Megsy.

Meghan also had to outdo Serena when the tennis champ told a story about how her daughter, Olympia, fell out of her high chair and broke her arm. During the South African tour, Markle alleged a fire had broken out in Archie’s nursery. Archie wasn’t even in the room, and everyone was in tears. Also, she makes it sound like the whole building was alight.

Okay, here’s the issue. There was no fire. How do we know? There was no media coverage, and Meghan is allergic to the truth. A smoking heater on a warm day is not okay for anyone, especially a child not even a year old. Also, why was there a heater operation on a hot day? We question Meghan and Harry’s parenting skills for putting a heater in their baby’s room on a hot day.

Finally, Meghan wants to make it look like she has black friends. Honestly, Serena didn’t seem invested in her “friendship” with Meghan as the Sussexes were not invited to Serena and Alexis’ wedding, nor her recent baby shower for baby number two.

Stay tuned, as there will be part two to this post.

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