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Why Meghan Won’t Be A Lover To Gordon Getty – OPINION

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Meghan Markle thinks every man will fall under her charm. However, not every man is susceptible to her succubus ways. Prince William isn’t, which is probably why she hates him. But, then, there’s Johnny Thompson, seated behind the Sussexes at the Platinum Jubilee church service. But there is one particular thing. She will never be a lover to Gordon Getty. Ever.

The Getty family will never allow it. Sabine Getty has already spoken out multiple times about her dislike of Meghan. Imagine if she got her hooks in Gordon. There would be hell to pay. Is it possible that a restraining could be taken out against Markle by the Getty fam? If she becomes obsessive and clingy, most definitely.

If the rumour that she’s trying to soften him with concerns about security and hinting at wanting a $30 million house is true, then the Getty clan had better do something fast because she will milk Gordon for everything he is worth. Of course, it won’t be surprising if she’s done the same thing to Tyler Perry—more on that in a different post.

The truth of the matter is Gordon has had a lover that is closer to his age. Meghan is beautiful and knows how to get men to bend to her will, but Mister Getty is not an idiot. Markle is sexist and thing all men are weak. So she goes after the weak-willed. We’ve seen it with Harry. He’s still under her spell and believes she is the greatest thing since Edison created the lightbulb.

Gordon might be kind, but he knows when someone is playing him. Also, his family aren’t idiots either. Meghan believes that because he is elderly that he’s senile. He’s been doing charity endeavours for years and has a great love of the arts. Getty will likely weigh up what is essential. Industries that need the money or a hussy that is constantly in the news and married to an idiot prince. His choice, but we’re sure we know he’d go with.

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