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UPDATE On The Meghan Markle/Gordon Getty Situation/RUMOUR

Gordon, Meghan

By now, you probably already know about the Gordon Getty/Meghan Markle rumour. I’ve written about it before, and it blew up, so thank you to everyone who has read it. Anyway, I was browsing Twitter earlier, and I found this tweet.

[Credit: @WinterWonder125 – Twitter]

So, the rumour claims that Gordon Getty’s family has stepped in, especially his children, and barred Meghan from seeing him. Whether they got a restraining order against her is unclear. Also, he is not a stupid man.

Again, this is a RUMOUR only and only ever was. But given that it keeps popping up and has even ended up in the mainstream media makes, it looks like there’s some element of truth to it. Whether Meghan was trying to make Mister Getty her new lover is unknown, but to be honest, who cares?

Meghan is not going to change her spots. If she cheats on Harry, she can’t blame him because she’s the one doing it. It’s the same if he does the dirty on her, but who would WANT him with his paranoia? If the rumour is true, then good on Gordon Getty’s family for stepping in and protecting him.

God, if it’s true, I would give anything to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. However, Sabine Getty, the wife of Gordon’s relative Joseph, has said she does not like Meghan and has been brutally honest about it on social media. She did a series of reactions (which I highlighted) in my rumour post.

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