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What Happened With Meghan Markle On Deal Or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal

Meghan Markle does not know when to keep her mouth shut. I wasn’t going to address this, but I need to fill in the gaps as the drama surrounding the former actress’ time on Deal or No Deal has gone beyond viral in the worst way possible. In her latest podcast episode of Archetypes, she speaks of the BIMBO. Her guest? Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress who made a career for herself playing the dumb blonde on the faux-reality series, The Simple Life.

Before she achieved the role of Rachel Zane on Suits, Meghan Markle was a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal, appearing in 34 episodes as case holder #24 between 2006 and 2007. The former actress told Ms Hilton she was objectified as a bimbo while on the game show. However, this is where the situation gets murky. Also, all this comes from the woman whose husband told people to quit their jobs if they were unhappy.

The Claims Deal Or No Deal Crew Objectified Women: Debunked

Meghan claims on the podcast that she was forced to stuff her bra and get fake tans and eyelashes. According to her claim, there were stations where these things were done. Moreover, it has not gone over too well with some of the other Deal or No Deal models.

Four women have come forward who worked on the show, and they’ve slammed Markle’s remarks, as per, Adelaide Now and Hollywood Life. These ladies were:

  • Patricia Kara – who appeared on the show from 2005 to 2009.
  • Claudia Jordan – was also on the show between 2005 and 2009.
  • Donna Feldman – case #22 on the first season.
  • Lisa Gleave – an Australian who appeared on the series around the same time as Meghan.

Whoopi Goldberg Speaks Out

All three have said that they were well respected on the show. One even came forward and said there was NO bra padding station. What makes this even more damaging for Meghan is that even Whoopi Goldberg, who has defended her on multiple occasions, has savaged her, as per

Whoopi said that she didn’t understand why Meghan would complain about not being able to use her brain when she knew what the job description was. Also, why would you be required to use your noggin to open a briefcase with a cash amount inside?

The actress and talk show host made the point also that as a performer, you do as instructed. So, if Meghan was told by the director, “Get glammed up, smile and open briefcases”, that is what you did. It had nothing to do with using her brain.

Also, it has been pointed out that one of the models successfully passed the bar exam. The show was just a way of having an income while she studied. There is no harm in that.

What Other Drama Is There?

So, this next bit of information is speculation. I’m not sure how true it is. According to Meghan’s Mole on Twitter, the story goes (allegedly) that Howie Mandel, the host of Deal or No Deal, became a target for Meghan. When his wife found out what Markle was attempting to do, she was not happy. She also allegedly saw Megsy flirting with her husband. Dr Lady Hussey, also on Twitter, said that the information came from Lady Colin Campbell.

Do I believe this to be true? I’m always on the fence about this type of thing, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyway, there is one more thing I wanted to go over. It ties to the Howie situation. In 2018, as per Page Six, Howie Mandel said that he didn’t remember Meghan being on Deal or No Deal. Now, this is what I call an “Ouch!” moment.

Meghan’s Revenge

There has been speculation that the whole point of Meghan bringing her so-called ‘experiences’ of being a bimbo to light is to get back at Howie Mandel. Now, you might be wondering why.

Meghan is coyly vengeful. She wants revenge on all those who didn’t give her what she wanted during her time in Hollywood as an actress. It has been said that many of the briefcase girls who stood out to production would have microphones on them. Unfortunately, it seems that Markle was not one of these women. She was only on the show for 34 episodes. Given that multiple episodes were shot in a day, 34 episodes was likely the equivalent of only a couple of months’ work.

Here’s the issue I have with Meghan saying that Deal or No Deal objectified women. She spent years objectifying herself. Her roles, like Suits and 90210, had her performing sex acts. Most of her time on Suits, which was NOT the big show she thought it was, involved her being naked and doing the horizon with Patrick J Adams. Her scene in the pilot of 90210 had her in a car performing a blowjob on a dude.

Meghan, The Quitter Queen

A recent example of her objectifying herself is when she did a pap walk where her nipples protracted through her strapless top, as seen in Page Six. Here’s the thing. Meghan is a quitter, and then she blames everyone else for her quitting. She only got into Hollywood because she got a leg up from her father and Trevor, her ex-husband.

It’s no wonder that no other media companies want to take her and Harry on. Spotify and Netflix are already getting annoyed with the lack of content. Other creators have projects in the works months after getting big deals. It took the Sussexes two years to get one project off the ground.

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