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All In A Name: A List Of Comic Book Bruces


No matter if you’re a DC Comics fan or more into Marvel, there is always going to be character names that sound similar. In the first edition of our collection of lists, we’re going to explore all the different characters named ‘Bruce’…

How many characters are there named ‘Bruce’ in DC Comics and Marvel Comics? That’s what we’re going to find out in this post. We will be discussing some a large portion of of these guys. However, we’re not going to do this in vast amounts of detail. We want to keep it as short and precise as we can.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into our first Bruce.

Banner, Robert Bruce/The Hulk

The first ‘Bruce’ on our list is a big one in Marvel Comics.

While the audience knows him as Bruce Banner, the scientist behind The Hulk is actually a Robert. Yep, he’s actually Robert Bruce Banner but uses his middle name. We cannot say we blame him as it sounds better. His personality as to opposed to his big green alter ego is shown to be polite and a little shy.

Meanwhile, The Hulk is somewhat the polar opposite. He can become violent when something pisses him off. This is the reason people are warned to not make him angry.

In Current Media

The most recent portrayal of Bruce Banner has been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he (and the Hulk) have been portrayed by Mark Ruffalo since 2012. Ruffalo replaced Edward Norton who played the character in The Incredible Hulk. He has also appeared in animated projects such as the most recent Spider-Man series from 2017.

Wayne, Bruce/Batman

The most famous ‘Bruce’ in comics history is the alter ego of the one and only Batman. The only child of Martha and Thomas Wayne, Bruce was left orphaned after his parents were murdered in an alley right in front of him. He was then raised by Alfred Pennyworth, the family butler. Over the years, he took on several protégés that all went under the moniker of Robin.

The most famous version of Robin was Richard “Dick” Grayson, whom Bruce adopted when he was a child after his parents were murdered after they fell to the deaths from their trapeze act. While the pair’s relationship was far from perfect, Wayne always knew he could call upon him when he needed him. His greatest ‘failure’ was Jason Todd whom was believed slaughtered by the Joker but re-emerged years later as Red Hood.

Bruce also takes on a fourth Robin after Tim Drake with Damian, his biological son with Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul.

In Recent Media

The last Bruce Wayne we had on screen was Ben Affleck in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and both cuts of Justice League. Robert Pattinson will take up the role in the upcoming The Batman. The character also plays a minor role in The CW series, Batwoman which revolves around his cousin, Kate Kane during the first Season. Warren Christie plays the character when his face is used by his enemy Tommy Elliot/Hush and even appears on a magazine cover as Wayne.

Voice actor Kevin Conroy who has voiced Batman many times over the years portrayed a version of Bruce in the Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Gordon, Bruce

A little unknown character by most people, but Bruce Gordon is a DC Comics that has come into existence in the past few years. His name is taken from that of Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. The body has been used a recent host for the supervillain Eclipso who has also used the likes of Jean Loring and Alex Montez as his vessel.

In Recent Media

Bruce Gordon has never appeared in live-action but there has been a rumor floating around that he could appear in a proposed Season 3 of Stargirl. This would allow for Eclipso to continue to play a role in the series beyond Season 2.

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