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SUSSEX RUMOUR – Has Meghan Markle Backed Tyler Perry Into A Corner?

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I don’t like Tyler Perry. I believe he’s xenophobic towards the British royal family; as he said in the Sussexes’ Netflix series, he thought the royals were bullies and racists without hearing the other side. He took Meghan and Harry’s side because they’re victims, and he’s as woke as they are. Also, he was probably doing them a favour on behalf of his pal Oprah. Anyway, that’s not why I’m here. We know that he is the godfather to baby Lili. But a new rumour is floating around that he might have been pushed into the job.

Usually, I wouldn’t say I like talking foul about people, but if this rumour is true, then Tyler is dumb. Like massively dumb and has blinders on. Markle News 1 on Instagram posted that Meghan is using Tyler to get some role in one of his upcoming projects. The role is either for herself, Lili or both, and she managed to strong-arm him into being Lili’s godfather, despite not knowing him.


When Tyler Perry, godfather to Lilibet story, came out from the docuseries, it raised massive red flags. Why would Meghan and Harry name a total stranger the godfather of their child? The post alleges that Markle did some snooping around and found something that Tyler doesn’t want to get out. So Meghan is allegedly resorting to blackmailing him.

Now, this sounds odd as well. Meghan and Harry have ZERO power in Hollywood. Their cesspool of supporters is limited. Gayle King is back and forth, though it is mostly off, especially after the Oprah interview, where everything the Sussexes claimed happened was debunked as lies. Also, she and Lady O scrubbed their social media profiles of Harry and Meghan content.

Tyler Perry Only Has Ties To Harry And Meghan Through Oprah

The only connection Tyler has with Harry, and Meghan is through Oprah. Winfrey doesn’t want a bar of them now, so what do they have on Perry? Well, Markle has something. Not sure whether Harry would go along with this scheme, but whatever. He’s just as bad as his wife.

Anyway, it’s being claimed that Tyler is a man of god and couldn’t back down from being asked to be Lili’s godfather. After some digging, I found he is Christian, as per Also, it has been apparent that Meghan doesn’t give two hoots about religion. She has changed religious practices multiple times over the years. It is believed that she changed to the Jewish faith when she married Trevor Engelson. Yet, she was later baptised into the Church of England despite knowing she wouldn’t stay.

Harry has said recently that he’s not religious but is spiritual. So, why get your children baptised if you’re not religious? Oh, right. Meghan and Harry want their children in the line of succession, so they must be christened. But why wait two years? They want to overshadow the other royals, so they have to do the most extreme thing possible that will garner the most headlines.

Why Could Meghan Be Blackmailing Tyler?

So, the last thing I wanted to go over in this rumour post is why could Meghan could be allegedly blackmailing Tyler. Well, he could know something about her. Or it could be to prevent the palace from releasing things about her. The IG post says there’s supposed to be a scandal involving her breaking soon. I don’t believe that, as there was supposed to be a story about Harry coming out, and it never did. Mind you; this was back in January.

Could it be possible that Tyler and Meghan had an affair, and she’s blackmailing him into keeping quiet? No clue. It could be anything. Finally, Meghan and Harry’s lies have sunk them. They have no way back, and the only people they can blame are themselves.

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