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Is Harry Potter A Muggle?

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Say what you will about J.K. Rowling. This is not the post to discuss her feelings and opinions. Instead, we wanted to address a straightforward question; is Harry Potter a Muggle? This might appear to be a stupid question, but some readers are generally curious about the answer.

We know, of course, that Harry Potter is NOT a muggle; we wanted to explore how he isn’t one and the difference between a muggle-born and a squib.

Harry Potter The Half-Blood

To be a half-blood magical human, you need one of the following:

  • A muggle parent and a magical parent.
  • Two half-blood parents.
  • A muggle-born parent and a pure-blood parent.
  • A pure-blood parent and a half-blood parent.

For Harry Potter, his mother, Lily, was a muggle-born witch, meaning her parents were both muggles. She was the only magical person in her family, as her older sister, Petunia, was also a muggle. Harry’s father, James, was a pureblood wizard from a long-existing magical family.

Marrying A Pure-Blood And Having Half-Blood Children

Upon adulthood, Harry Potter marries Ginny Weasley, the younger sister of his best friend, Ron Weasley. They have three children, all of whom are half-bloods. They have sons, James Sirius and Albus Severus, and a daughter Lily Luna.

The children are half-bloods because they have a muggle-born grandparent in their paternal grandmother, Lily. Also, their father is a half-blood, while their mother is a pureblood. If their grandfather James had married a pureblood, they and their dad would be pure-blooded.

Example Of Half-Bloods That Are Born To Half-Bloods

Like with a battery, two-half-bloods cannot have a pure-blooded child. So, we wanted to review a couple of examples of half-bloods whose parents are half-bloods.

So, the only example is Teddy Lupin, Harry’s godson and the son of Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin.

Nymphadora, preferably known by her last name, is the daughter of Ted Tonks, a muggle-born wizard and Andromeda Black, a pureblood witch hailing from the notorious blood purity-crazed Black family.

Remus’s father, Lyall, is either a pureblood or half-blood, and his mother, Hope, is a muggle.

Why Rowling chose to have only Teddy be a half-blood born to two half-bloods is unclear. But it is a fascinating idea.


Is Harry Potter a muggle? No, he is not, but he does have muggle blood because he has muggle grandparents.

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