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Why Is Snape The Half-Blood Prince?

Half-Blood Prince, Snape

For five books, it was believed by the audience that Severus Snape was a villain alongside Lord Voldemort. But he turned out to be a hidden hero who had been watching and protecting him for years. So where does the Half-Blood Prince thing come in, and why is he called this?

Let’s explore this concept, shall we?

What Is The Half-Blood Prince?

The name half-blood prince pops up in the sixth book in a potions textbook Harry is given. He finds potions and spells that he has never seen before, and he begins to excel in potions, a subject he previously suffered in due to his relationship with Snape, who he thought hated his guts.

However, it is not until Harry uses a spell on Draco Malfoy that almost kills him that Snape reveals he is the Half-Blood Prince. It is later revealed that the moniker is a homage to Severus’ lineage.

Since his father was a muggle and his mother was a witch, Severus was a half-blooded wizard. Also, the ‘Prince’ is his mother’s maiden name.

Severus’s father was a horrible person who hated everything. This was noted in a memory of Snape’s to his best friend, Lily Evans.

Snape was a bright kid, but being bullied by James Potter and having a horrible home life was why he took up the alias of the Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter Rethinks His Opinion Of Snape

Harry’s discovery of Snape’s history with his mother drastically hanged his opinion of the man. Nevertheless, long after Severus’ death, he and his wife Ginny would name their second son after the two bravest men Harry ever knew. One is Albus Dumbledore. The other is Snape.

When young Albus worries about being sorted into Slytherin, Harry tells him that one of his namesakes was in Slytherin. What’s more, Al does end up in Slytherin if the Cursed Child is correct.

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