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Who Is RAB In Harry Potter?

RAB, Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise has a lot of families. The Potters. The Dursleys. And yes, even the Malfoys. But where does that put the Blacks? They were a large family that linked almost every known wizarding clan. But one mystery arose when Sirius Black’s brother, Regulus Arcturus Black, suddenly died and ended up with a magical locket. He is the mysterious RAB referenced on the back of the fake locket.

As the younger brother of Sirius, Regulus is everything their parents, Orion and Walburga, wanted their sons to be. Unfortunately, Sirius was a massive disappointment as he wasn’t into the whole blood purity thing. He was also sorted into Gryffindor, which has never happened in the history of the Black family.

Growing up, RAB wanted to be a Death Eater, a sentiment his parents were thrilled about. However, he soon realised it wasn’t as glamorous as it looked. So, he ran. Betrayal is not something you want to do when you side with the Dark Lord.

The Beginning Of The End Starts With RAB

According to what Sirius tells Harry, his brother was either killed by Lord Voldemort himself or by other Death Eaters. Whatever the case, it was a horrible end for a man who had committed a wrong but wanted to set it right. Unfortunately, however, it would also be the end of the Black name.

Sirius never had children of his own, but he thought of Harry, the son of his best friend, James Potter, as his own. RAB is a sad reminder of how dangerous being a wizard was during the time of Lord Voldemort.

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