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The Bold And The Beautiful: Ridge, Just Shut Up! Thomas Isn’t Magically Going To Get Better

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Will Ridge just shut up?! He thinks there’s pixies who will magically make Thomas better…

The Bold and the Beautiful is only a television show. We get it, but there are some characters that just have to shut up! The high and mighty Ridge Forrester is one of them. He needs to stop thinking that Thomas or Steffy are just magically going to get better and forget they were ever sick. The annoying part about him is how he rants when he doesn’t get the answers straight away that he wants.

This is the not the first he has done this, by the way. Oh, and we have to give a load of kudos to Thorsten Kaye for portraying Ridge’s self-righteous side. Back to what we were talking about before, the fashion designer has a lot to answer himself when it comes to valuing his children’s happiness.

During today’s episode, Ridge questions Steffy about her relationship with Liam now that Hope has ‘kissed’ Thomas. His daughter tells him to shut up and not to get involved. Good on her!

Ridge thinks the sun shines out of his children’s asses and for what? Steffy is trying to be a better person for the sake of her daughter. She doesn’t want Kelly to feel conflicted about having her father with her mother the way she did when her own dad flip-flopped between Taylor and Brooke for years.

Steffy did the right thing in telling her father to shut up and mind his own business. What she does with her life is her own. If she wants to shag her own husband and screw up her new relationship then so be it. Ridge should be taking a leaf out of Brooke’s book and staying out of his children’s business.

Shut Up And Keep Quiet, Ridge!

Ridge has never been shy about saying what he’s thinking, but he doesn’t realise that everything says, is hypocritical. We mentioned earlier about his questioning of his daughter about her relationship with Liam since Hope ‘cheated’ on him. He’s one to talk. He would cheat on Brooke with Taylor and vice versa whenever he could. No wonder Thomas is messed up in the head.

Steffy grew used to her father going back and forth between her mother and Brooke. However, Thomas never could understand it and his father coming in and out of life all the time screwed him up. He became obsessed with Hope to the point he would daydream about her being his wife and calling him ‘sexy’ and everything else.

Ridge is one of the people who thinks the world revolves around his family when it really doesn’t. Yes, the show is called, The Bold and the Beautiful where it has lovely looking people. We get it. But the man doesn’t think about how his wife would feel if he nudges his daughter back towards her ex-husband who also has a daughter with Hope. Unless Steffy and Hope decide to ditch their men and move in together so their daughters can grow up under the same roof, one of them is losing out on having their baby daddy living with them.

Ridge’s Interference Is Just… Don’t Get Us Started

Ridge Forrester has no regard for anyone who is not a Forrester. He believes that if you marry one person, they are your soulmate. Ahh… he has been married numerous times to different women. We don’t seriously think Brooke is his ‘destiny’ as he claims.

It is just a matter of time before Steffy and Liam get back together. Hope will be devastated and Ridge will just be happy that his daughter has ‘the love of her life’ back. Huh. Reminds us of all time he thought Taylor was his ‘destiny’.

Ridge needs to needs to stay out of his children’s relationships. He also needs to listen when he being told something is wrong. Just yelling gibberish is not going to make Thomas get better faster. When Finn tells him that his son has a brain bleed, he needs to stop questioning how it happened and just listen to what people are telling him.

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