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Who Was Hedwig And What Happened To Her In Harry Potter?

Hedwig, Harry Potter

Harry Potter’s second friend in the Wizarding World after Hagrid was his beloved snowy owl, Hedwig. While. The half-giant bought Hedwig from Eeylops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley as an eleventh-birthday present for Harry. She was also the first gift he had ever received as his horrid muggle relatives, the Dursleys, never celebrated his birthday.

Hedwig and Harry shared a deep bond. Harry named Hedwig after an individual he saw in one of his Hogwarts textbooks. Before he left for Hogwarts, Harry shut himself off from his relatives and spent time with his new friend.

The owl would deliver many letters and packages to Harry over the six years they had together. Hedwig would often grow restless when she was coped in her cage during the summers at the Dursleys. Her feelings often were mirrored by Harry, who felt trapped and forgotten, with his beloved owl being the only reminder that he was magical.

During the summer leading up to Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, he was rescued by his best friend, Ron Weasley and two of his brothers, the twins Fred and George; Hedwig was almost left behind and had to hoot to remind him to take her with him. However, her hoots awoke Uncle Vernon who realised Harry was trying to escape but got to the room just as Mr Weasley’s flying car flew off.

Harry Potter Loses Hedwig During The Battle Of The Seven Potters

Hedwig lost her life in 1997 when a plan was hatched to escort Harry to safety. She was struck by the killing curse, aimed at either Harry or Hagrid, who was on the magical motorcycle once flown by Sirius Black, Harry’s late godfather.

Losing Hedwig devastated Harry. In the years after her death, Harry honoured his feathered friend’s sacrifice by continuing to own snowy owls.

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