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How Could Obi-Wan Kenobi Begin?

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Where and how will Obi-Wan begin his journey? – We’re 19 days away from the premiere of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and we were wondering, how does the series start? Could the famed Jedi Master awaken from a replay of the events on Mustafar? Could he remember Anakin as a child? It could be any combination of things, which is why we will explore this concept in this post.

We will be making this post with potential spoilers, so please, choose wisely if you want to proceed.

Obi-Wan Relives His Biggest Failure

From everything we’ve heard leading up to the month of May, Obi-Wan will be in a bad place when we catch up with him. A decade will have passed since that faithful duel on Mustafar, and his only mission is watching preteen Luke Skywalker. Meanwhile, he will be keeping himself under the radar of anyone associated with the Empire.

One of the most obvious paths the story could go down is Obi-Wan having to relive losing Anakin every night. We know he lives in a cave, as this was seen in promo photos. So, could he sleep every night knowing that his biggest failure was allowing his best friend to fall to the dark side? They could also insert other moments Kenobi and Skywalker shared.

Luke In The Future Or A Potential Future

Could we get another glimpse at a young Mark Hamill? Obi-Wan could get a glimpse of the future where he sees Luke training as a Jedi as Grand Master Yoda predicted all those years ago.

This would be a great way to reassure Obi-Wan that Luke’s destiny would be secured. It could go in a different direction where Kenobi has a nightmare of Luke turning to the Dark Side.

Padmé’s Final Words

Another way the series could begin is with Padmé’s final words to Obi-Wan before she died; that there is still good in Anakin. It would be a great way to bring the late senator into the story without getting back Natalie Portman to shoot new scenes. All that would need to be used are archival recordings from Revenge of the Sith or unused footage that was never used.

Flashes Of What Is To Come

The journey Obi-Wan will go on will have a lot of exciting aspects so that we could get a few flashes of the adventure ahead. It would be a great way to excite the audience even further for what we could see.

Order 66 From The Perspective Of Obi-Wan

Finally, we could see parts of Order 66 from Kenobi’s perspective and other aspects of what we saw during that time. It would be nice to see something like this happen because we’ve seen it from Anakin and Ahsoka’s points of view.

Having Order 66 be told from Obi-Wan’s viewpoint could show how his mental health continued to spiral in the days, months, and years while hiding from the Empire.

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