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The Path, Kelleran
Star Wars

Was Kelleran Beq Part Of The Path?

We’ve spoken a lot about The Mandalorian Chapter 20: The Foundling over the last 24 hours. While it is excellent to see Ahmed Best back in Star Wars, the Wookieeleaks aftershow on New Rockstars posed an interesting theory; could Grogu’s rescuer, Kelleran Beq, be part of The Path? Erik Vos was the first to bring …

Release Dates, Star Wars
Star Wars

Canon Star Wars Release Dates

One of our most requested topics is the Star Wars release dates. It’s come up in Google Search Console and NicheIQ on Ezoic a few times, so we thought we’d review all the canon screen media. So, we won’t be including the 2003 Clone Wars or the cheesy Holiday special from the late 70s. Oh, …

Order 66, Star Wars
Star Wars

What Is Order 66 In Star Wars?

Star Wars is well known for its story-altering events, but what about Order 66? Of course, the event referenced in A New Hope is seen in all its glorious splendour in Revenge of the Sith, which occurred almost 20 years before. But what is the significance of this part of the franchise’s lore, and why …