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Harry & Meghan Docuseries Exposes That Harry Does Use Social Media

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are hypocrites. They claim social media is toxic and that they don’t follow it. However, they know what is said about them in the media. Tom Bower bought this up in his book, Revenge. So, which is it? On social media? Or off as it’s a toxic wasteland of criticism they can’t handle? Oy vey.

Anyway, Prince Harry has exposed his social media during Harry & Meghan, a docuseries on Netflix about his and Meghan’s alleged treatment while they were working royals. Even though negative reviews depict the sue-happy pair as professional whingers, King Charles’s youngest son has dug his grave. Why? Well, it has to do with his social media usage.

In the first couple of episodes, Harry and Meghan change the story of how they met (again) to claim they met on Instagram. There was no blind date, according to them. However, this is not what Tom Bower wrote; he thoroughly dug into how they met.

Just Be Quiet, Harry And Meghan!

If anything, they deflect and blame everyone else for having the “inability to tell their story” when they have spoken about their love story” half a dozen times. Their delusion knows no bounds. Theirs is not a story as old as time. It was an act of rebellion to prove they were the new Diana.

Harry claimed that only his marriage to Meghan was an act of true soulmates while the other unions, mainly William and Catherine, were to “fit the mould” of what the monarchy supposedly required. In conclusion, he parrots what his wife wants him to say and falls for it so he doesn’t get yelled at. His social media use shows him to be desperate to control whatever narrative is being spun. He cannot control the media, but he does not want to see that.

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