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Chronicles Of Harkle: Prince Harry Blames UK Media For Being The Reason He Moved His Wife And Son To The US – I Call Bullshit

UK Media

If you were a man born into a royal family, would you blame the UK media for all of YOUR misgivings? Well, it looks like that is exactly what Prince Harry has done during his interview with James Corden, according to Now, this is where I call total BULLSHIT! I wrote earlier today about Meghan’s attempt to be a savvy dresser. I’m not insulting her fashion sense, just her inability to understand what the term actually means.

Anyway, during the interview which I haven’t watched but have read about in fragments, Prince Harry blames the UK media for his, Meghan, and Archie’s move to the US… ah, no there is more to this than he lets on. He didn’t like how the press in his home country was calling out his and his wife’s bad behaviour. Sure, he wanted to protect Archie, but Meghan doesn’t need protecting.

Meghan has been on red carpets and had paparazzi photograph her on her own orders. She should have listened to her UK friends when they said that the UK media will eat you up and spit you back out. Though, all media in every single country in the world can be toxic. The US is more toxic than the UK in more ways than she and Harry realise.

I’m sorry but I don’t buy into the toxic UK media angle. Yes, the British press were terrible to Meghan. Sure, they entered racist territory which shouldn’t be on. But, they were horrible to Catherine, Sophie, and Camilla too.

Catherine got called ‘Waity Katy’ and was accused – like Meghan was – of faking her pregnancy with Prince George because she was allegedly infertile. Ring any bells?

Meghan Certainly Didn’t Help Matters

Meghan’s constant need to smile at the camera certainly didn’t earn her any brownie points. I would love to know if Harry is aware of all the times his wife grins like the Cheshire cat whenever a lens is pointed at her face.

While I do agree that the UK media were brutal in the way of handling coverage of Meghan, she was also making the situation worse for herself. She cried to Harry that the press were being racist towards her so he would put out a statement. She pulled the race card so many times that people no longer believe her whenever she complains about anything.

Meghan has whispered in Harry’s ear since the beginning of their courtship. God, saying that makes me feel old. She claimed not to have family who loved her when in reality she did. Her whole family adored her but she cut them off because she no longer needed them. She then proceeded to lie and say she had no relatives except her mother.

I hate that the press turns someone’s race or background into a talking point just to ridicule them. The UK media basically butchered Catherine in the early days of her relationship with William. They criticised her because she didn’t have a ‘proper’ job and she waited for her man to propose. There’s nothing wrong with that. William knew what he was doing when he was looking for a wife.

Harry was so desperate that he didn’t check her background or think about her attitude or see the way she treats people before he decided to jump into bed with her.

The UK Media Needs To Stop Hounding And The Difference William And Harry’s Approaches To Handling The Press

While Harry is right that the UK Media can be toxic, not ALL the publications were this cruel. Also, I am NOT defending the press. The idea that the prince puts all publications in the same basket, so to speak is just wrong.

There should be a rule in place where publications should not harass and vilify royal spouses-to-be. Don’t magazines and newspapers know that they can be sued if something is misinformation? That is a great way to get sued. The same applies with photos that are taken illegally and without the subject’s consent. Take the case where Prince William launched legal action against a French publication for publishing pictures of his wife topless as an example.

William saw a massive invasion of privacy and did something about it to protect his wife. The paps were in the wrong as they only wanted money. They took illegal photos of the future Queen/Princess Consort in a compromising position. If photographers weren’t using a long lens, the pictures would never have existed. Also, they were taken during a PRIVATE vacation.

Harry claims he wanted to protect Meghan from the UK media because of their so-called toxicity. There is a massive difference between his situation and that of his brother’s.

The first is, William did what was necessary to protect Catherine and he never complained to the ‘toxic’ press about it. Harry, however, screams and looks angry and tells the media how he feels, hoping they’ll get the message. Sorry, mate, but it doesn’t work that way. You need to stop and think. Have you ever wondered why your precious Meghan is always smiling at the camera when one is pointed at her?

Secondly, Meghan has Harry wrapped around her little finger. He will jump in to defend her and hasn’t told her ‘no’.

Stop Invading Your Own Privacy!

I feel like I say this more times than I should and honestly, it’s annoying. By talking to James Corden or doing the Oprah interview, Harry and by extension, Meghan are forfeiting their right to privacy. The rule is to keep your private life, well, to yourself. The public doesn’t care if the Queen gave Archie a waffle maker or that the kid’s first word was crocodile which I find really hard to believe. I don’t know any one-year-old who can say something that difficult. My sister’s first word might’ve been ‘Beau’, which is our cousin’s name. That is much easier to say than crocodile.

Meghan doesn’t care about privacy. If she didn’t want to be photographed, she would not have looked at the camera every time one was pointed at her. That is one of the many things that annoys me about her and Harry. They say one thing but then turn around and do the opposite. The UK isn’t going to want either of them back.

I can just see the press having a field day when Harry does return to the UK for the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana if he even shows up. If he doesn’t then that goes to show that he doesn’t care about his mother’s legacy. He only cares about Meghan’s expectations of him.

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