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What Is Prince Harry’s True Reason For Hating The Media? – OPINION

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Prince Harry hates the media with a burning passion. He has sued multiple news outlets in the United Kingdom due to “phone hacking” or “defamation”. However, he has limited proof of any illegal activity and his evidence is “I just have a feeling.” Feelings can’t be used to prove something happened. Moreover, this is the reason why many royals don’t enter a courtroom and haven’t in over a century.

Royals need the media to help them bring attention to their various causes. Harry should know this. Prince William has always made it clear how he feels about how the press treated Princess Diana when he and his brother were boys. He also had to sit back and watch as Catherine was attacked in the media daily while they were dating.

Prince Harry Needs To Get Over His Media Hate – It’s Not Going Away

The media is an integral part of being a royal. Every monarchy in the world is in the press at some point because, without the media, every royal would be invisible. It’s just how being blue-blooded works. Harry can’t understand that he cannot be a private citizen when he has a title and is the King’s son and then complains and whinges about the intrusion.

Let’s not forget that he invaded the privacy of his brother by telling the world that William was circumcised. Could this be revenge for all the “stories” the current Prince of Wales’ team allegedly put out of Harry? Knowing him, probably. Harry has no proof whatsoever that his brother leaked stories about him. If he did, he would’ve leaked the information by now.

There are many reasons why Harry hates the media. When he and William were boys, the paparazzi were everywhere. They would stalk their mother. However, he refuses to acknowledge that Diana often called upon them herself. He blames them for her death. As he got older, the Duke of Sussex called the press out for detailing his drug use—the public needs to know this type of thing as they are the ones paying for his lifestyle. Also, the media is there to expose him for being the angry little man he is.

Meghan Markle Leaks To The Media

Harry doesn’t want to admit that there is a ton of evidence that his beloved wife, Meghan Markle, has leaked information to the press or at least attempted to. The first was when she teased on her Instagram that they were dating. The peonies. The matching bracelets. When this didn’t work, she ordered the prince to put out a statement saying that the British press was being sexist and racist to her when no one even knew who she was.

You cannot control the media, and Harry should know this, but he allows his hate to ooze and bleed. Moreover, his problem is that he wants only glowing, positive press to make himself and Meghan look good. He has already compared her to his mother, saying she inhibits all of Diana’s best qualities. She has many of Diana’s negative attributes, like spitefulness, cutting people out, etc.

Harry And Omid Scobie Should Be Best Friends

Harry and Sussex lapdog Omid Scobie think they’re saving journalism. But what have they done to “save it”? Have they sent influential media people like Rupert Murdoch to prison? No. Have they shut down all the media outlets? No. These two want the media reformed because they think they know what is best.

Omid is classified as a joke within the British press. Many royal correspondents see him as the Sussex mouthpiece. He’s no different from Jack Royston, who writes for Newsweek. However, his loyalty to the Sussexes is up and down. He at least writes articles against them when convenient, but Scobie won’t. He hasn’t even commented on the African Parks drama. Also, he will only tweet positive press, not the more dramatic stuff that could be seen as unfavourable. It’s also clear that he hates the monarchy, as Prince William allegedly banned him from royal events.

William Was Partially Responsible For Getting The News Of The World Shut Down

Speaking of William, his phone hacking case against the News of the World was partially responsible for getting the publication shut down in 2011. Harry wants that same level of success. However, there is a difference between the two.

Firstly, according to The Hindu, William was hacked 35 times. Harry was only hacked nine times. Secondly, Catherine was hacked 155 times to see what dirt the media could get on her while she and William were dating. If they had married (which they did in 2011), she would become the Queen when William became King. The media wanted to see what they could do to sullen her reputation. What happened to Catherine in the press would never happen today. If it had, journalists would be fired and blacklisted.

All Royal Women Are Attacked – Meghan Is Not Special

 Diana went through the same thing when she was young. As did Sophie and Fergie. However, Queen Camilla took a beating as she became the most hated woman in England and was seen as a homewrecker. People refused to accept that Charles and Diana’s marriage wasn’t the fairytale they thought it was. However, people have come to accept that Diana and Charles were not a good match in recent years.

Camilla kept her head down and got on with her work. Did the media coverage hurt her feelings? Of course, it did, but if you want to beat the media at its own game, don’t give them ammunition. It will backfire.

Harry’s desperation to combat all the negative stories on Meghan’s behalf doesn’t work. Why? Because the media would find another angle. We all know by now that Markle is the one fuelling the flames. She could never accept anything but glowing praise, even though she has done nothing to deserve it. Did she expect glowing tribute from her staff when she ordered “ice cream socials” one day and bullied them the next? People are likelier to remember the bullying than the ice cream socials that only Sussex staff were allowed to attend and not the Cambridge staff.

Catherine And William’s Staff Don’t Talk To The Media

You never see William and Catherine’s former staff go to the press about them. Why? Because they respect them. Also, Omid’s implication in Endgame that Catherine is a diva who can’t keep private secretaries is a deflection on all the women Meghan bullied in her own office.

Also, Meghan has media lackeys in the United States. Oprah and Gayle King, anyone? Let’s not forget Omid Scobie and Jack Royston.

Camilla Tominey Debunks Omid Scobie

Camilla Tominey wrote an interesting piece in the Telegraph just before Endgame was released about how Omid went from combing through the private lives of celebrities as a writer for a tabloid magazine to screaming that Harry and Meghan need privacy. Also, she says that Catherine only lost three private secretaries, not five like Scobie claims. Also, this comes from the man who was once obsessed with K-pop and tried to start his own publication dedicated to the topic. While nothing is wrong with that, he should’ve realised there is a difference between making stuff up for a tabloid and fanboying over K-Pop artists and serious journalism.

Not to mention, Camilla recalls that Omid begged her during a royal tour to give him her sources. Also, she refuted Scobie’s claims that she was the royal editor for the Telegraph when she never has been. This is backed up by her LinkedIn profile, where she was a royal editor for the Sunday Express from 2005 to 2018, but not The Telegraph. The Royal Editor of The Telegraph is Hannah Furness.

Omid Scobie: Lickspittle

We know that Omid has a loose association with the truth. After all, he lied about his age, which Richard Eden immediately debunked after the Sussex groupie interviewed with another reporter. Then we have the incident where he said Archie was much older ( he claimed the child was six). This was when he was talking about Harry’s attendance at his father’s coronation, which happened to fall on Archie’s fourth birthday.

Any real journalist would have checked their facts before going on television. This is similar to what happened during the mourning period for The Queen. Omid claimed that Her Majesty’s body would return to England by train. This was also the same incident when he declared that Scotland and the United Kingdom were separate countries.

He went from a tabloid hack who was paid to write about the private lives of celebrities to begging seasoned journalists for sources. While there is nothing wrong with jumping to different mediums, what most people have issues with is the hypocrisy that spews from his duck-lipped mouth, like verbal diarrhea.

Attracting Narcissists

Narcissists attract narcissists. That is what Omid Scobie is. If you look back at Prince Harry’s past actions, this is what he is, too. They both believe they are doing the world a favour by exposing how evil the media is. However, no one is listening.

Prince Harry’s paranoia existed long before his introduction to Omid or Meghan. According to his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, in an article in The Sun in 2020, she described Harry to friends as “damaged and self-obsessed” and he had “neurosis.” He was always jumping at shadows, claiming there was paparazzi when there was none. This information was confirmed in Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, which detailed Harry and Meghan’s early lives before they met.

If we look back at some of Harry’s past actions, such as falling out of nightclubs drunk and getting into punch-ups with paps, it’s safe to assume Cressida had a valid point.

Catherine Had It Harder Than Meghan Ever Did

Being a royal girlfriend is hard. Catherine had it incredibly difficult as she, her sister, Pippa, and her mother, Carole, were called golddiggers. Kate’s face was plastered on the side of a bus with the words “Waity Katy.”

William watched helplessly as his girlfriend had put up with the press intrusion. Feeling helpless, he issued a statement. He knew from the experiences of the other royal women that it would. It worked for his mother, Camilla, Sophie and Fergie. Now, Kate is beloved in the media as she did all the right things. She didn’t court the attention, got on with her work, and has never put a foot wrong.

Harry, meanwhile, thought that the media wouldn’t abuse Meghan. They kept their word. She was a “media darling”, but things got out of hand when he issued an unexpected statement claiming his girlfriend had been racially vilified in the press. One article released by the Daily Mail made a passing reference in its headline to the film Straight Outta Compton, about black gangster rappers such as Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. This headline was not intended to be racist. But she turned it into something that it wasn’t. There were a few people who were intolerant towards her initially, but it was nowhere near as bad as she and Harry make it out to be.

Harry, Dude! Meghan Is Not Like Your Mother!

Then we have Harry’s claims that the media wanted Meghan dead the same way they killed his mother. Okay. Let’s get a few things straight here. Markle courted the paps and would give hints to her new boyfriend on Instagram. When the information didn’t have the effect she wanted, she decided to demand he put out a statement about the “sexist” and “racist” British press.

The media loved Meghan more than they loved Catherine. They would gush over the actress’s “Hollywood” career, whereas they would ridicule Kate for not having any actual career aspects. They even accused her of waiting for William to propose. As the years passed, the press backed off on attacking her. With Meghan, however, the attacks never came.

Meghan: The Queen Of Leakers

Meghan was leaking things to the press non-stop. This information comes courtesy of Shallon Lester, whom we have repeatedly mentioned on Project Fangirl. We won’t include the video. However, we did find a Reddit thread where, if you scroll down in the comments, it has quotes from Shallon about Markle leaking stories to Star Magazine.

According to Shallon, Star magazine had always had issues getting true stories about the royals. However, once Markle started dating the red-headed paranoid, it became “a leaky ship.” Meghan herself was the source. Lester also said that the palace runs a tight operation, making it almost impossible for leaks to happen.

Harry always claims that his family leaks about him and Meghan to deflect from their issues, i.e. the alleged William and Rose affair, reviving Camilla’s image, etc. But does he ever consider that perhaps the leaks came closer to home? Maybe a particular spouse who constantly complains about her lot in life? Of course, she would deny it was her and deflect blame onto someone like Catherine, whom she hates with a burning intensity that could fuel fifty thousand stars.

Harry Doesn’t Do Proof

Knowing Harry, he wouldn’t ask for proof. He’d take Meghan at her word. He should have looked into the media without making a song and dance. He is blinded to the idea that bad behaviour should be exposed, not swept under the rug.

Harry is so used to being pampered that he loses sight of how the other half lives. He claims to feel sorry for people beneath him, but where is his compassion for Catherine, who has been trolled terribly by the Sussex Squad? Where was his empathy for the Baka people who were kicked off their land and abused? An email to the higher-ups at African Parks is the bare minimum.

The Prince Who Couldn’t Give Two Poops

Harry didn’t get on a gas-guzzling private plane and investigate the situation himself. He wanted it to look like he did something, so he had his press person, whoever it might be now, put out a statement. Great, and what has he done since? Yet, he dared to sue the British government over his security when the Queen enforced the no-taxpayer security rule in the Megxit agreement.

Moreover, Harry claims he hates the media but needs it simultaneously. It doesn’t work both ways. He needs to pick one side, but he won’t, and he’s even guilty of following his wife’s lead and doing pap scrolls to merchandise.

Conclusively, Harry doesn’t hate the media. He needs them more than he is willing to admit. Not to mention, he claims that every time he hears a camera click or sees a flash, it takes him back to the night his mother died. However, he is okay with going to red-carpet events where cameras are everywhere. In a nutshell, the reason he hates the media is because they’re tired of covering his behind with a  false narrative of what a good guy he is.

Oy vey.

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